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Title: as of christmas, this is our revised status
Post by: sargas on December 27, 2019, 09:33:28 AM
The Empire of Sargas is a peaceful, non-aggressive society.
We wish only to be left alone.

The Sargasian Empire is who we are and the Sargasian Protectorate is what we are (they are to be considered one-and-the-same).

The Empire is an Empire of redemption, growth, understanding, and tolerance.

As far as the Empire is concerned, what happened before joining the Empire, happened before joining the Empire. All start in the Empire with equal footing.

Imperial Citizens are forbidden to perform acts of piracy.

We pay no tribute, taxes, or individual fees.

And, as always, clothing is optional, except for foot-gear (shoes are very important -stepped on a LEGO once).