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Title: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: Aysle on February 01, 2013, 03:00:48 AM
A system for two players to arrange combat. 1 ship vs 1 ship. Only allow modules that they have the science level to make themselves.

Allow others, and themselves to bet on the outcome. No against the bank betting though. Just you put up the bet and someone agree to match it on the other side. Where each side puts up an equal amount of $$ the winner gets say 90% of the total. The game eats the rest as a bookie fee.

Would add a fun side bit, and give players with disagreements to work out an option without having to hunt the other down.

Also would add some fun for the spectators  :12:

Title: Re: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: JamJulLison on February 01, 2013, 07:13:42 AM
This would have to be a side combat system agreed to by those sides as some sort of ship arena created somewhere. Otherwise it would be unrealistic. I think it would be used more for boredom then getting revenge and stuff on people. Damaging a ship just isn't enough satisfaction for a lot of people. Not to mention I would rather see an improvement in other areas of the game first.

Title: Re: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: sargas on February 01, 2013, 01:24:44 PM
I don't think we need Gladitorial Combat at this time...

Title: Re: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: morbius on February 01, 2013, 03:42:55 PM

 A ship-to-ship duel? I think that would be fun; a contest to see who's ship is best. Workable as an option.

Title: Re: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: Dadds on May 26, 2013, 03:47:12 PM
I love the Irony that the peace loving corps like this idea, and the ones labelled pirates and mining inc [PMI] who have member who love to raid others, doesnt like fair combat concepts.

This idea doesnt really need a build though, just the people who want to duel, find a quiet location out of the way and go at it. I like the concept of a Tourney, you can have 1v1 2v2 ships both private or corporate. put a prize in cargo bay for the winner who sends that ship to emergency jump, etc etc. Rules of engagement would have to be agreed upon, no swapping out of mods etc during combat timers, and DEFINITELY no qp use to get the jump.

Title: Re: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: JamJulLison on May 27, 2013, 08:46:26 PM
It is an interesting idea.  It is something we could do already though unless they made it some sort of arena with module rewards and stuff.

Title: Re: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: Jazzbob on May 28, 2013, 05:07:33 AM
An interestig idea! Maybe it could be a possibility to learn who to improve the own ship. If there would be something like a stadium it would make it easy for people to do this without causing trouble for others. Also not-fighting players could watch it or better: the AG News could publish interesting fight reports.

Title: Re: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: Dragonfly on December 13, 2014, 09:52:10 AM
Let me refresh this topic a bit :)

An Olympus Arena in Mars orbit - I think that name tells much about the idea and is adequate IMO ;) Why Mars ? Well I think there is no better place in known AG universe to make duels/wars between "gods" than Mars.  :12:


-TIMERS- of course these should be as short as possible. Maybe 1hour max so if any players would be interrested in observation of current duel/war they would have few minutes to get there, after some announcement in AG News would appear to all

-RULES-maybe some additional interface could appear when players who are about to make a duel/war there meet in orbit/arena station. Through this interface all rules of duel/war could be set; rewards discussed an agreed; which players and how many of them are involved in duel/war; what weapons are allowed and maybe power limits etc.

-AUDIENCE- Mars orbit should be available to all; players who would not be involved in duel/war but present in Mars orbit could be watching happenings in some kind of real time and get a highly detailed duel/war report; other players who would not be present in Mars orbit when duel/war take place could get a shorten report through AG News

-PERSONNEL-after duel/war any lost personnel should/could ;) be restored to involved players by AG system for free, or not :)

-BETS- these could be done in arena station through additional interface; maybe some % of total bets could be added to reward for a winner and/or taken from loser :)

-SURFACE- could stay available for all as it is or, when duel/war is taking place could be a part of battle to drop a fortress there maybe or something

Let's make it happen B-)

Title: Re: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: Rostin on December 13, 2014, 01:26:05 PM
Informal fight-club...
Entrants can build and use any ship they want as long as it is below 1 million power (?) and then we hold sanctioned duels there for betting and strategy building :)

Title: Re: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: Irredrache on December 13, 2014, 04:11:25 PM
Would love to see this.  :))

Could just have a Sol Corp station in orbit around Mars that the duelers would dock with to register for the fight. Could use that station to hold wagers, too, to be sure that the loser paid up :D

I think to keep it fair, there should be an agreed upon power limit that both combatants would have to click on before the duel started, and then there could be a short timer. If the power of either side ever rises above the total agreed upon power limit, that side is disqualified immediately. Whether people use stations or planetary modules could be an additional setting both parties would have to agree to (I know a certain Raphael liked to use mk 1 stations as decoys back in the day, if my forum reading is any indication? and that would certainly be hard to limit :P )

Could even take this one step further and have tournaments! Everyone buys in with $1m solars, everyone enters a max 1 million power ship of their choice, and a few hours later, someone walks out with a fat purse full of coins!

Thanks for reviving this fun idea, Dragonfly  hi

Title: Re: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: Dragonfly on December 13, 2014, 04:27:15 PM
Im glad You guys feelin me  :19: I like the idea of tournament and 1M entry fee :D
Of course my station there is just my station there and I like my station name, that's all. LoL   :))

Title: Re: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: Raptor on December 13, 2014, 06:04:21 PM
I thought anyone entering Martian orbit (SSS territory) got a free arse-kicking without the need to pay an entry fee?  :))

Title: Re: 1 on 1 combat with betting
Post by: sargas on December 13, 2014, 10:36:38 PM
Dragonfly is SSS, that particular restriction does not apply.