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Title: Corporation voting system
Post by: SirEmi on April 11, 2014, 03:18:39 PM
In game Pledge system project definition. To be updated prior to adding it to ingame project list.

PROJECT: Corporation voting system, 1500 QP min, 12 days
    - a new permission called "make voting pool"
    - the member can select the voting pool options, if voters are hidden or visible, select if to PM result to members
    - Votes are cast by the active members. Members without ranks have 10 vote points, members with ranks have 10 points + number of permissions the rank has

    - Corp new leader voting pool. If leader is MIA for 30 days (by last activity), a voting pool that lasts 14 days is automatically opened. Voting options are all corp members, with any rank, and new leader is automatically set after pool is over. If leader logs on during the change leader pool is active, the pool is automatically cancelled.
    - All members are sent messages about the new vote pool if PM results is enabled. Players with email notification on PM are also emailed the new message.

Related / other / if time permits:
   - when re-assigning a new captain to a copr ship, check if corp ship is involved in combat and issue a warning prior to confirmation.

Title: Re: Corporation voting system
Post by: Dadds on April 15, 2014, 07:54:37 PM
i am ex-Navy and that to me sounds a little like the pirate world of mutiny.
If players are not happy with leadership, they should consider finding another corp or founding another corp.
What needs fixing most is the 1 man corps out there. Founding a corporation should be made a lot harder.
Something along the lines of a cost to do so, holding or having some power base (over 2 million for example) and having some pledges from other corp captains willing to sign on to the corporation.
If this system is to be introduced, then you also need to introduce the "away with official leave" tag
And lets not forget, a corp leader can always hand over his responsibilities to his 2nd in command at anytime. Not sure if we need to go back to the days of the Roman Empire and declare, "et tu, Brute?"
Just my thoughts.