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Title: Stations menu/Ship Docking menu >modules<
Post by: kurama on February 10, 2016, 10:16:35 AM
Would the dev(Sir Emi or Apprentices) kindly include an 'ALL' button and 'checkboxes' to the right of each module in the 'stations menu and ship docking menu. its actually a click-fest when you deploy/install/scoop modules in the station when each click on the deploy button refreshes the page. can you see the picture on a 100 slot ship transferring installed modules into a 100 slot station????
for ease on deploy/install/scoop modules in the station and transferring modules between ships to stations and vice-versa.
i see that these feature is already available in use in 'ships' 'deploy/install' menu but not on 'stations' menu.

Title: Re: Stations menu/Ship Docking menu >modules<
Post by: NoBrain on February 10, 2016, 02:53:27 PM
And add some kind a-z sort of modules.

Title: Re: Stations menu/Ship Docking menu >modules<
Post by: JimGalaxy on February 13, 2016, 01:15:26 AM
Seconded, and seconded. (actually thirty-fifth-ed and ... oh, nevermind) These are things the game simply has to have. They're not just conveniences, like some of my other suggestions. Particularly the module sorting, which has been a wish of every player, everywhere, who ever tried to ... you know ... *manage inventory on a ship*. Grrr.

Title: Re: Stations menu/Ship Docking menu >modules<
Post by: Antilak on June 02, 2017, 02:12:05 PM
I guess I have to agree. I've done a lot of clicking.

I think this game doesn't scale well once you have the money to buy lots of ships/stations. It gets harder to manage. This seems to be a common problem in different games I've seen. Mods are typically made for this.

It'd be nice if there was a way to mix the power of modding with MMO's. This doesn't have to ruin a MMO, I think. Ultima Online player run servers typically allowed some client-side scripts. Those would automate clicking sequences, but wouldn't override the server code. So if the server code said something would require 5 seconds, it'll always require 5 seconds. There was usually a line between attended and unattended macroing, or automated boxes (alts) and those that require more user control. The in-game scripting functions were too limited., so 3rd party was used. You were usually restricted to only using certain software. Anything else was a bannable offense.

SO the way this would work in Astro Galaxy is you'd make a script for clicking on each module to install it after the browser page has reloaded. So you could sit back and wait until everyting is installed. It'd be like YOU doing it but super fast. Typically there're no mouse move events, just clicks, so you don't record mouse movements when making a script. This only works for consistent scenarios. More dynamic scenarios require your script to get feedback and they usually are harder to make with more legal issues.

Problem is the macroing requires extra time investment and skill. It's a lot like modding. However if the software is easy to use and there's a strong community of macroers/scripters then players can just download and use them.