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Title: Corporations and their purpose
Post by: Antilak on April 19, 2016, 11:40:12 PM
I've been in the game since July 2014. In this time, I've played exclusively solo. My power is still very low--by comparison to old players--at almost 10 million. I've sometimes thought about corporations, wondering what they're all about. I'm led to believe corporations are essentially guilds. Playing alone, I sometimes wish I was in a more cooperative effort. But how much "cooperative effort" goes on in corporations? In other MMO's, I typically joined guilds to:
a) Protection from PvP--if the MMO had PvP
b) To be part of a "name" or idea--a roleplay guild or a guild with a cool name
c) More easily organize and communicate with people I regularly group with
d) Do occasional raids or guild efforts
e) To ask for information or help instead of having to spam global chats

Just now I was thinking What do corporations really DO? This is why I posted. Tell me!

Title: Re: Corporations and their purpose
Post by: Other_Bartel on April 20, 2016, 10:09:12 AM
Corporations can be cooperative.
Being associated with a big name like SSS or SPQNR can deter low level pirates, or any pirates.  In my Corp(HHW) there is a member who has low level research, and I help him manufacture stuff, he buys the materials and I start the manufacture process.  Also, being in a Corp can be a way to get more ships.  In Corps like TGE, (Are any of them still active?) they have big Science and Com ships that they cycle among the members.  And Corps like SSS give QP to the members.

So the benefits of being in a Corp depends on how the Corp is run and what they can do to help it's members.

Title: Re: Corporations and their purpose
Post by: dkuhnkc on April 20, 2016, 12:14:20 PM
It depends on the corporation. My first corporation (fresh out of the acadamy) I got a big boost to start, but very little advice or assistance after that.

My current corporation is much different. In the SPQNR we work cooperatively.  If someone has a question or problem we all work togeather to solve it.

We also do a lot of internal trading. For example, I can trade some shields to another player for MAU's. This allows me to concentrate on researching shields, a second player concentrates on MAU's, a third on cargo bays, etc.

The SPQNR would love to have you, we have had several other long time players quit SOL corp to join us.

Title: Re: Corporations and their purpose
Post by: Matamaure001 on April 20, 2016, 01:03:49 PM
If you are new to the game a Corp is a must. With all the help you get, you will grow faster and you will learn faster too.

For an old and big player like me, since your power is limited to the number of ships you can have, it is better to be alone with your own corp.

Why I am still in a corp: because of my leader that take care of everything diplomacy and because I like to discuss with and help new players (we are all very active in our corp).

Title: Re: Corporations and their purpose
Post by: sargas on April 21, 2016, 11:08:32 AM
The Empire also helps it's citizens.
A rotating supply ship with factory and filled with high level cargo bays and high level sci-labs that rotates among us.
Powerful Corporate ships standing guard over our planets (for mining protection, etc).
Infusers that will reset novae timers.
that's 3 out of many.

we are not only active, but growing.

(edit - because I wanted to remind you that you have a standing invitation to join the Empire...
...and from other major corporations if I am not mistaken. you will be a good fit wherever you end up...)

Title: Re: Corporations and their purpose
Post by: Rostin on September 28, 2016, 04:06:26 PM
To me corporations represent the entire social atmosphere of the game. It gets very lonely out in space with no one to talk to and the corps are a absolute need for me so that I have people to chat with and can make friends.

Title: Re: Corporations and their purpose
Post by: TEDDY on October 03, 2016, 01:45:14 PM
Yes indeed. :)
As a single player, it's not so easy. I did post in the other topics that if you wanna start your own corp, then be sure to have at least 100,000,000$ daily income. :)
But as Rostin mentioned sure to have a few friends to chat too, while you drink your morning coffee and you check your priorities. AG can be a very lonely world, but joining a corp is a very great start. Social contacts will help and support you in any...IN EVERY... Further desision made. :)

Join a corp... (Not EPL, EPL is a dry boring theoretical and mathimatical experience) *i see JR laughing

Title: Re: Corporations and their purpose
Post by: Sadio Mane on November 27, 2018, 09:58:46 PM
That's the purpose.