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1  Feedback Terminal / "Bugs" and Problems / Re: Combat Issues. on: October 24, 2012, 01:50:19 PM
  17 Hello,

 Excellent work on the current situation in combat.
 This resort a lot of work to get a good balance between attacker AND defender.
2  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: We can minimize loss in planetary combat and add strategy. on: October 24, 2012, 10:02:52 AM
  17 Hello,

 You're right Scion, I had not realized he had all these strategies you mentioned in this game.

notworthy I am completely ignorant and stupid to have dared make such a proposal, also be sure that I will refrain from making any such proposal about strategy.

         ( Regarding this topic, well, we just put a better ignored or delete it if possible.)

  smoke Space is cruel, and the game must remain realistic, so be it, stop the discution since captitaine has enough to do.

3  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: We can minimize loss in planetary combat and add strategy. on: October 23, 2012, 10:07:28 PM
 17 Hi,

Insurance is not a solution is a remedy, and makes no strategy.

I proposed a simple way:
       No more destruction module but rather damages to module.
       Endommaged module (% with minimum operation) =
       1. Can pillar module.
       2. Option to capture module. ( * ONLY High cost = STRATEGY )

     NOTE * : For the capture is not an indirect way to destroy one higher cost is required to move a strategic capture.

      arrow WHY would cost's more expensive to buy on 'SOL' ?    
      4 BECAUSE it is simply a rule for the capture becomes a strategic action.
        In the same way as why:
          - the King moves only one square in the chess game,
          - we reclame is $ 200 when you PASS GO the Monopoly,
          - we pay a license for a ship or station,
          - we wait for jumping,
          - and more game rules,
          - etc...

The GOAL of this topic is to decide whether if we want to add the strategy in the game by removing the destruction of modules and set a high price to capture it.

I spend enought time on this topic.

 laugh Thank you, for your contribution. I am dyinggggggggg.................
4  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: We can minimize loss in planetary combat and add strategy. on: October 22, 2012, 03:15:53 PM
 17 Hi,

            12 I'm starting to think I'm a little near the only one that thinks this approach to protect the modules is more viable than the current approach to destroy them.

                 I have run out of arguments, I do not know of any way be said and dwelling alone, I cease to supply this topic.

 19 Be careful and keep secret your system, there is only way for you to survive.
5  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: We can minimize loss in planetary combat and add strategy. on: October 22, 2012, 02:36:05 PM
Well, I'm sorry, but no. Loosing your modules should sucks. Getting something back? Maybe, but only part of the value.
What I'd suggest is to choose between looting the modules (getting what's inside, but not destroying them) or destroying them and not getting anything. A choice that would be made by the attacker.
          wounded1 Loosing a module, is cost really MORE then the value for player owner to place this module in a system. He cost time too, prospection, etc...
          atention Leave the choice of destruction or not a module is a choice inaceptable, since I can still choose to destroy it.
          21 What I do in this situation:
                            I have a powerful ship, and no need for solars, and I'm in a system that a player has put several modules. I destroy, that's all.
                            I don't want to loose my time travel to come back in this system for looting.
              I can myself, or a very small group decided to destroy all the work of a couple of days (even weekends) of a player in a system.
              12 Follow to this, so you can be sure I will not destroy a single one of these modules in futur,
                 player will leave the game or it will become a pirate too, and spent his frustration on another player.
                 Then there will be so many players pirates soon I will not have any modules or destroy a pillar in the systems.

                 There will be NO way for a NEW player to start in this game when the number of players will increase.
                 A nightmare even among beginners. If we want a progression in the game, it is above all give a chance to new players to love the game.

                 I think is better to capture and give more strategy in game instead of unnecessarily destruction.
              Do you agree with this? Did you lost some module before ?
              If no, be pleased to give me your based system, I will or maybe another player will show you what is really the cost of loosing lots modules in system.

        I say YES for refund the value of the module by the attacker. And I said NO to destroying a module.
       laugh   I say YES and YES for DOUBLE cost, 1 cost for the owner, and 1 cost for the developer of the game.
6  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: We can minimize loss in planetary combat and add strategy. on: October 22, 2012, 11:19:13 AM
 17 Hi,

 laugh In reality it costs very expensive to repair what is damaged severely. Often better to buy new than to repair.
   That said, here we are talking about a game
   If we keep on doing what has been said opportunity to refresh, nothing is more frustrating than losing what has been built.

   With this in mind, and if you want to capture as well as a strategic objective
     must remain the capture module has to be more expensive than buying the system 'SOL'.

12 Here a suggestion :
     The first cost of the capture is that in this game, it does not have the right to capture a module without defray the cost of it has its legitimate owner.
     For this, we respect the work of the player who loses his module.
      Remember that someone who has lost this module make the displacements(time) and lost civil/military.
      It is essential to get into the skin of someone who has lost his module to understand the reason for the cost.

   The second cost is the repair of the module.

   So what is going to capture a strategic action is the cost of capture module.
         19 And so's me, it could be the cost DOUBLE to capture a module and I would agree.
           Capture a MIF resources to have diamond, gold, uranium or any others rare resources, I have no problems with that.
           Better to paid this cost, instead to do all work to install one MIF myself.
           For other MIF, I will keep dammaged and loot these modules without capturing it.

   Hope this will help,
7  General Talk / Hi. My name is... / Re: Hello all on: October 21, 2012, 01:15:14 PM
 17 Hi,

     1 You are welcome in this new galatic world.
8  Feedback Terminal / "Bugs" and Problems / Re: SITREP Timers on: October 19, 2012, 01:44:45 PM
 17 Hello,

    I have same observation here for me.
9  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: Coffee time and talk about interface. on: October 19, 2012, 09:20:43 AM
I dunno, the interface seems okay to me. Definitely not a priority.

 17 Hi Shep,
    Glad to know that everything is going well for you, and you do not lack beers.
    Just to respond to your comment as unhelpful on my post.
     confused If the interface you totally agree, so much the better,  I'm HAPPY for you.
          It is not necessary that you take the time to tell me that my post is useless, maybe for you but not for me.
    1  I miss beers maybe, but certainly not constructive ideas.

    12 For me they are still improvements to better manage the actions and requests in some of the windows interface.

 Puts in your next post !
 laugh No beers,  cheers but constructive ideas  lightbulblaugh
10  General Talk / General Discussion / Coffee time and talk about interface. on: October 18, 2012, 03:21:24 PM
 17 Hi,

      I hope it's going to developers.

 atention Of improvements in the User Interface are required.
      I already mentioned in 2 topics, sorting the contents of the cargo,
      and as to whether the materials are available for the construction or upgrade of a module are sufficient in cargo.

 21 Also add that sorting through the window 'Planets' would also be a great addition.

 12 In my opinion the interface patches are very important and must be done before adding other feature in the program.

         10 Nothing more frustrating than constantly naviquer in incomplete interface and can furthermore be easily corrected.

 15 You demonstrate your skills in the latest additions, beautiful, continue your work and do not forget that we GREATLY appreciate those who improves the use of the interface.

11  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Use different color to write insufficient resource name in Manufacture on: October 11, 2012, 02:13:25 AM
 17 Hi,

 Opps Need help to build module, the process is not easy when we have lot of items in cargo

    In the window 'Manufacture facility'

    In the column 'Resource needed' can developers use a color to write name of resource :
        WHITE resource quantity sufficient in cargo to built/upgrade module.
        BLUE resource is insufficient in cargo.
        RED resource is not present in cargo.
        can be any other color or, can be also, a surrounded color box.

 12 What do you think?
12  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: We can minimize loss in planetary combat and add strategy. on: October 10, 2012, 05:46:08 AM
 17 Hi,

      You mention that we have already the option to capture module.
     confused I have not seen this option at least when I started the game
     Does just being introduced?
     Yes,  arrow so where is this option?
     No, this is NOT an option then this is only the actual result of the attack.

     If we take the fact that it costs MORE to capture a module than purchase it at Sol, then the capture come strategigue.
     So NO reason for a player so powerful it to capture a module that costs MORE than purchase it at Sol,
     except if it is for reasons of strategic positioning, and/or for a rare/expensive resources, and/or other reasons.

     So for the new player, it will be very different with what is happening at the moment. Player lost all time module.

      Opps You make me work hard friend,
     I know that my English is not easy to understand, yet I try to say that all this would have the benefit of all players.

      12 Anyway it's ok, we will eventually get out.
13  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: sos missions on: October 09, 2012, 08:08:01 PM
 17 Hi,

    Indeed, the subject is interesting, I found the missions SOS difficult for the same problem that you reported.

 21 As known they emit an SOS signal and they are detected on radar,
        idea why can not we open a communication immediately to know the mission, and not to go there and then come back to finish the mission.

      For what are the contents of the mission itself even, quantity & reward is in my opinion has to be revised. It is that same mission all requert much time should a reward accordingly.

 12  This is a brief commentary that goes in the same direction. And again, a long series of ideas can be elaborate, and this depends on our developers.

As far as we can, we will.
14  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: We can minimize loss in planetary combat and add strategy. on: October 09, 2012, 04:32:56 PM
Let me add this for you my space pirate  nunu,

As already mentioned, the potential is enormous with the fact of destruction did not have modules.

Here is another option that you love I'm sure.
 21 Suppose that tomorrow, our developers up in some of the worlds independent systems,
       with forces and means of defenses varies. What pleasure you get from the pillars.
        wallbash Option to capture maybe will not exist in this independent world because, they will always rebellions for independence.
       Like the idea that you like me?

       Other ideas can be born again in this world.
15  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: We can minimize loss in planetary combat and add strategy. on: October 09, 2012, 03:44:58 PM
Yes, as someone who hasnt cashed in lots of QP to buy a bigger ship, or to fit it out. I am well aware that i am not now, or ever, am i likely to be the big fish, thats ok, small fish can have sharp teeth too.
   Well, and this will be the case for many new players.
    For other, invest in a large and powerful ship without invest in research/mining , they will come pirate.

Any new player willing to spash some cash around will easily be able to build a fleet larger and stronger that what most of the players that are building facilities are capable of defending against even after weeks or months of game play. This is just a fact of life when playing games like this that need to offer power-ups for real world cash to finance their development and ongoing operation.
   As you say "Any new player willing to spash some cash.."
    and it is still the case that VERY FEW new player, and even that is insufficient in many cases.

Is there anything to stop someone joining the game and griefing by just destroying everything... no not really.
Even if they cant destroy stuff and just 'capture' it the same problem exists, a more powerfull player can simply move in and take everything from a newer or less powerfull player. So to 'protect' the less powerfull you would need to ban both destroy and capture options.
   Nobody likes to destroy his accomplishments, especially unnecessarily.
     If we take the fact that it costs MORE to capture a module's than purchase it at Sol, then the capture come strategigue.
     So NO reason for a player so powerful it to capture a module that costs MORE than purchase it at Sol,
     except if it is for reasons of strategic positioning, and/or for a rare/expensive resources, and/or other reasons.

But if you remove the ability to destroy/capture modules then the game is radically different. Instead of slowly expanding a well defended set of places, you will see people in a mad scramble to put something down on every valuable spot they can find as fast as they can buy/build modules and get them out somewhere. since no one can do anything about it once you have a module there. The game becomes a simple race to reserve as much teritory as possible.
   I have at no time mentions removing the capture since it does not currently exist,
    I submit that I was removing the module destruction and replace it by module DAMAGED (or any other named), so,
    the efficiency is lower may well be pillar, and making it capturable if the need is required by the attacker.

    The limit the number of ship, what they cost, the gas planets ( not defenses unit on ground ),
      small planets (no space for defenses) that the protection of a territory a real jigsaw head,
      and remember that the system undergoes transformation due to the exhaustion of resources.
    Then not so obvious to protect a terriroire constantly evolutions.
    Otherwise, let us all pirates, like this one have nothing to lose.

My thoughts about adding an option to loot is that it is potentially more lucrative in the long run for BOTH sides.
the pirate can generate an income and get at resources that he might not otherwise be able too although at significant risk to his ships integrity. The miner is less likely to have their whole facilites wipped out, and only need to keep unloading it and resupplying the defenders to generate reasonable profits.
I reckon you should have a go at attacking a few planets with that big beastly ship you have... find out how it really is for yourself ;) Sure you can clean the boards on most of the smaller operations, but id bet a few of the better defended places would give you a run for your money.
    sniper Give me the coordinates where you lodge your modules with your strongest defenses and I'm trying to test destruction.
   If it helps, I am very far from system 'SOL', then you will emplement time to structure a defense, and even done any tests to protect your entire system,
   just because a planet for mining, you limit your growth.
          laugh I'm so far from 'Sol', then, when developers make change in game for 'Sol', I see it only next day.  laugh
   Do you have some modules on planets? Yes, then would you want to see your modules destroyed ? No, I am certain.

 12 Anyway that replacing destroyed by damaged modules not CHANGE anything to the game now.
     frusty Except for the developpers
    If we want the strategy, it is not the power that will make the game strategic, but the CHOICE.
    Otherwise, we're talking for nothing. Do you agree?

                                                suck_kr (Soupir... ) A very big work for me to write all this.
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