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1  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: Fuel Converter Module on: October 02, 2012, 12:15:16 PM
still a loss of 650 solars though, just there there should be a way to explore/travel without having to lose money in the process. Well i mean lose money but not at an exponential rate/sacrifice by having fuel cell production being so unproductive and causing losses
2  General Talk / Hi. My name is... / Re: Hail! on: October 02, 2012, 02:46:30 AM
LOL, i think so. THis is also Devonus from IW/CS XD
3  Info Terminal / Knowledge base, Information board / A noobs guide to noobiness Step one: Boldly going where no man has gone before on: October 02, 2012, 02:40:31 AM
**This guide is made assuming you have followed all of the tutorial, if not GO BACK AND DO IT**

So you just finished your long hard tutorial, congratulations for sticking with it and surviving your first test, your patience. Now (depending on how frivolously you spent your solars during the tutorial) you have around 75-100k solars, a frigate and a Heavy frigate, your one step closer to universal domination. But what to do? Fear not i have some helpful hints and tips for your first steps out into the universe.

Now your first instinct depending on your personality may be to either go mining, or to go shoot something. DONT. Mining properly demands alot of time, and assets, what will most likely end up happening is your Mining modules being blown up, as well as any stations if you decided to place them near the planets. Secondly, its unprofitable. It takes over an hour to mine 1 cubic meter of material, there are only 5 materials that are profitable to mine at this point in the game, and i can gaurentee someone bigger, stronger, with more allies, or just better organized, has them claimed, mining is more of a passive continual income then your main money maker.

As far as combat goes? far be it from me to deny you going out and making a name for yourself as a pirate, but be warned at this stage in the game, you dont have enough power to have everyone else hating you, not to mention its also relativly unprofitable and inconsistant, you only salvage some of the material they may or may not have in thier cargo bay, or that were used to build the modules and stations. Yes you can raid ungaurded outposts but dont think thier going to forgive and forget if and when they do see you.

So you cant mine, you cant go all piratey, what can you do? Missions, and distress signals. Missions provide decent monetary returns for the time expended. I personally reccomend equiping one of your ships 2 FTL drives and the other with 2 Warmhole generators and an FTL drive.

The one with FTL Drives you keep in sol and fly interplanetary missions with during your active time. This allows you to make about 3k solars an hour-fuel costs. You will also need about 3 cargo holds for most interplanetary missions.

Interstellar missions have much higher Payouts, but require much more time. they usually pay between 6-10k solars, but take anywhere between 3-6 hours (with two Worm hole generators) once again you will also need at least 3 cargo bays, however in this case fuel will be the majority of your cargo. ALWAYS take enough fuel for a round trip, +30 (for moving within the system once you arrive)

Disstress calls: There are two types of Distress Calls SOS and COM. SOS missions are stranded ships in need of repair or fuel. For these missions usually must supply an amount of fuel, electronics, medicines, or food supplies (all available for purchase at a SOL commodity exchange), and get paid really good money. The issue is you never know how much or what an SOS will want till you get there. Now you could fly there, find out, fly back there, and then get your reward. Or if you intend to do distress calls, take about 100 of each rescource with you before you go. Chances are this will be enough to cover whatever it is they need.

COM distress calls are combat calls. Usually some ship that got capture by pirates or something or other. Regardless you have to go blow up the ship. These pay good money as well, but there is also the risk to your ship. Now COM missions are suppose to be scaled to your ships capabilities, but there is always the chance they will get lucky, In addition this ALWAYS requires 2 intersteller jumps. once to the distress signal, then to the enemy ship. Finally you also have the combat/engagement time. However though it takes more work and has more risk, these missions also pay the best.

Random Hints and tricks:

SHE KILLED ME WITH SCIENCE!!!!: and thats exactly what you must do, kill them with science. Science is your key to self efficiency, power, and intersteller capabilities. It is perhaps the most vital thing you can invest in when you start, as it directly impacts all other aspects of the game. If you have spare modual space, be it on a ship, station or planet, put a science modual there.

DONT BUY IT, BUILD IT!!!: It is always cheaper to build something then to buy it. If youve already researched how to make it, make it. Sure it takes 3 hours, but that 3 hours might save you a couple grand in solars. You can buy all the materials needed to produce something at a Sol commodity station.

POWER IN NUMBERS: in this game less IS NOT more, more guns, more ships, more mines, whatever it is having MORE of them is better then having a Higher rank of them. Sure you can research and build a mark 2 viper squad, but its the same cost as building 2 mark 1 viper squads, and weaker.
ex: MK 2 Viper squad. Total power: 2500
    2x MK 1 Viper squad. Total power, 4000
Now having two of them does increase space, and you DO have to buy more marines (mk2 uses 500 marines, having 2 mk1 uses 1000. But dont forget the added marines dont only increase the weapons damage, but also factor into your manpower during fights). Also dont forget that they DO take up an extra module slot on your ship, which may negate the benifits of the added fire power depending on your ships desighn.
Exceptions: Engines, the above does apply to engines as well. You will travel faster with 2 mk1s then a single mk2. However your Fuel expenditure also increases by doing so. Possibly outweighing the benifits of having 2 engines.

Im not an expert, im not succesful so far, just some things i picked up while playing that i thought might be useful. This will be updated edited, modified, etc as my experiance grows and community input shapes and expands my knowledge. Feel free to comment 13 if you disagree or dispute what ive said let me know

4  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Fuel Converter Module on: October 01, 2012, 10:16:46 AM
Considering the vast distances involved in this game, and the comparitivly slow mining rate, i think a module specificly desighned to convert fuel would be a great boon in the long run. As it stands right now, it takes alot of waste of relativly expensive materials just to have enough fuel to maneuver system to sytem. I can see this being a problem in the long run as limited rescources and planet space result in players being unable to mine thier own rescources to convert (due to the surface being controlled) and inability for players selling fuel to the open market to cost effectivly convert fuel (there is still no point to doing it if you can make it back to sol or alpha centauri, and since maneuvering so much does need so much fuel, i doubt anyone would be willing to sell the fuel they do convert, considering how much they lose in the proccess.)

So i reccomend a module that increases the efficiency of making fuel, maybe work only specificly with certain cheap but flammable substances (oxygen hydrogen etc etc) It would give these minerals more of a purpose, while not allowing an over abundance of fuel, as of right now it takes 30 Hydrogen to make 10 fuel (thats with vip status mind you) in total a loss of 60 solars on that conversion. The losses get higher with more valuble minerals. By having a specific fuel module it would make providing fuel a profitable endeavor, and more worthwhile, allowing a greater freedom for travel by other players.

I reccomend using the cheaper minerals and gases, bc any relative bonuses (say 10% bonus to fuel production for fuel module) would cause an overabundance of fuel in my opinion.

Perhaps even simpler or more manageable would be a module that just produced fuel at a steady rate like a Mine or atmospheric converter? Perhaps only make it deployable in the atmosphere where it floats, collects atmospheric fuel gases, and converts it instantly to fuel at a more efficient rate? *shrugs* i just think its something we need both now and in the future, especially as we move outside locations with sol exchanges providing fuel cells.
5  Feedback Terminal / "Bugs" and Problems / Re: "vote for qp" But no QP on: October 01, 2012, 09:29:54 AM
weee!, never complaining about qp again 13
6  Feedback Terminal / "Bugs" and Problems / "vote for qp" But no QP on: September 28, 2012, 11:14:06 PM
This may or may not be a bug or by desighn, but ive only been receiving solars as voting rewards for the past 10 times i voted. Is it random as to when you receive QPs? I was under the impression you got at least 2 each time you voted, specificly i use to receive them on the MMORPG100 vote and the Oz-games vote before.
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