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1  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: I'm Done on: May 09, 2015, 11:33:33 PM
I'm sorry but you need to adapt...
 ...NPC ships do not have tactical maneuvers and officer bonuses, so you have the advantage.

Use specialized designs. I see new boarding ships with optional power armor marines are working quite nicely.

Ok, so first off, we have to invest in new designs and rework everything- which for players like me is bad enough but especially for players with 250mil ship power etc. that's a lot of modules to re-arrange etc.

Secondly I find this funny:
"NPC ships do not have tactical maneuvers and officer bonuses, so you have the advantage."

Some of us won't have officer bonuses either if payouts are so low that it takes a day or two for one com ship to buy just 1QP when it used to buy 5 or whatever we were accustomed to.

And this is like MMO suicide:
"I'm sorry but you need to adapt."

I've noticed my players become less active since the last combat update. If players are less active or leaving and you are going to blame them then you will be the only one playing. If other companies had that attitude about their foods and products they'd never have commercials saying how great they are. Sony would have commercials saying "The PlayStation 4 doesn't suck no matter what everyone that owns one says or how many of them trades it in for an X-Box.".  That doesn't exactly draw in or retain players.

If the combat rewards were put back like they were I'd like it much more. I don't know about the other players as some may have other complaints but I would be fine with most of the other changes if the com rewards were restored. It would still be harder to win coms without re-designing our ships but at least maybe we could afford it.
2  General Talk / News & Strategy / Re: COM missions drop over existing COM on: February 17, 2015, 08:59:43 PM
I never said I was faultless, just that it's all about being responsible. I expect that if I break an agreement to have a mark against me, and I intend to accept responsibility and the consequences, even if it's unintentional.
3  General Talk / News & Strategy / Re: COM missions drop over existing COM on: February 17, 2015, 08:46:38 PM
You can't compensate someone for a violation of your word intentionally or not. Until you understand that you will think saying 'oopsie' and monetary compensation makes up for a violation. It just doesn't. The whole "sorting things out in a civilized manner" comes before you break the NAP, not after. After a violation you generally have what's known as a war, and you guys are lucky TGE hasn't been so intolerant as to declare all out war.

Think about it. It's like if somebody accidentally urinated in your cereal(wrong bowl- honest mistake) after promising not to. It's not about the cereal and their offering a new box of cereal doesn't make up for that disrespect and is further insult. So don't be surprised or act like they're unreasonable when somebody rejects your 'compensation' for such an act after you broke a non-aggression pact.
4  General Talk / News & Strategy / Re: COM missions drop over existing COM on: February 17, 2015, 08:16:29 PM
And how can you say James holds his corporation to a higher standard when SPQNR is on track to surpass TGE in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE GAME IN THE NEAR FUTURE? Gee maybe because he's not willing to have low standards just to be no1 in the numbers like you would.

The propensity for their to be more slip ups from my corp MAY BE because we have almost twice as many members as any other corporation and most of those members have started doing COMsDespite some being inexperienced and or irresponsible players that any decent corp leader would not have on the team or give a big com ship to just to inflate the corp. You are noticing a "trend" from ONE individual (torh) who made a mistake (Marcus should not count because a misclick is different from ignorance of COM etiquette). So really because ONE SPQNR member out of 26 failed to fully understand the mechanics of COM missions on his first day of doing them you now think it is because I am a poor leader/teacher?It was your responsibility, so if you disagree you're simply shirking your responsibility as leader... Get real. The only poor leaders I see in this game are the two of you. The thing is, you say that without anything to support that claim other than your ill-gotten gains in power from accepting anybody and giving them a huge com ship at the expense of everything else like responsibility or respect. That doesn't make you a good leader. I actually have logical factually correct reasons to say you are dropping the ball.

Are you saying you two have never accidentally dropped a COM on someone before? I highly doubt that. No and if I had, I'd expect retaliation especially if there was a NAP. I wouldn't expect someone to not beat me to a pulp just because I said "oopsie". I don't understand what has happened to you both where the friends I used to have in this game have become the biggest D-Bags. You both are worse than Dadds EVER was
5  Corporation General Talk / Corporation Stance / Re: Public Denunciation of Emperor Jam-Jul Lison on: February 17, 2015, 07:53:02 PM
 lol_sign @ Rostin
6  General Talk / News & Strategy / Re: The United Corporations on: February 17, 2015, 07:43:18 PM
It's sad SPQNR, EoS, and NHC couldn't agree on an amendment that we could all get behind and ITO could sign back on to.
7  General Talk / News & Strategy / Re: COM missions drop over existing COM on: February 17, 2015, 07:40:12 PM
I think part of the issue that's being missed is that Jam tries to hold himself to a high standard, and that includes holding his corp to a high standard as well. When he agrees they are not to drop coms at TGE, and he tells his guys not to do so, he tries to make sure they understand and will comply. When there's multiple violations of agreements to that effect and they are coming from the same corp that says something about that corp. I'm the same way, so if it were me I'd be wondering why you expect me to let your guys do something I wouldn't tolerate my guys doing and for which I would expect to be retaliated against.

Sure, you can make excuses about how they accept so many new guys(Raptor's not very new) so it's inevitable and how we need to just tolerate their handing powerful ships to new guys without giving them proper orientation and training but at the end of the day guys like Jam, (and myself) see Rostin as 'dropping the ball' in this area, compromising the corps standards to achieve his ambitious goals(like giving new guys com ships prematurely).

That said, mistakes happen and that may not be grounds for dissolving a NAP but if it violates that NAP then I see no reason to argue against retaliation to equalize the violation.

There's nothing wrong with giving a new guy a com ship but in my experience it's never wise to do so as a matter of course. Give them one when they're ready be it day one or day 300. When are they ready? When you've given them as much of that orientation/training as they need to avoid such mistakes and they want a com ship.
8  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: jake1976/nero on: November 02, 2014, 06:04:28 PM
I appreciate Jake's apology and I'm glad that he's pledged to do as he has.

Sorry if it seems unreasonable but we'll still hit him a few times if we can. I don't intend to be overly vengeful, but vengeance will be ours!  laugh

I feel like I owe it to my current and former players who were hit by Jake/Nero simply for me basically saying "calm down Dadds" lol.

Also, I sincerely apologize to the members of SPQNR for any distress or inconvenience this has caused.
9  Corporation General Talk / Corporation Stance / Re: To Jake on: October 28, 2014, 11:02:04 PM
I do agree with Raph ironically lol

Irredrache if you've been paying attention you'll notice I never told Rostin what to do. I simply CONDEMN IT AND WILL NOT ALLOW JAKE/NERO TO SLIDE and I'm allowed to do so. Nothing in the UC forbids Rostin from taking in guys like Jake. I never told him not to. Nothing forbids me from un-signing the agreements as I did and doing as I please just as Rostin may.

When Rostin did this he didn't just 'slight me' he knew very well that he was telling ITO what to do like Dadds, so just get real ok? This passive aggressive totalitarian stuff isn't working on me. When you go from asking me to forgive someone to forcing us to either do so or leave the UC, I insist that the guy stay on our hitlist. Would be different if he just joined SPQNR right off- I would have not left the UC for an old beef like I will when the UC is used to try to make us let it go. The reason the UC doesn't aim to force justice for past events is so corps individually, CAN. Rostin is the new Dadds from my perspective, trying to tell ITO what to do and break up the UC.
Mission accomplished.

If you disagree that's fine. If you think so highly of someone who by your own admission fought in a 'stupid war' as though he must cheat at the game to warrant this that's fine too. If you want people in SPQNR or corps in the UC that don't really care if what Rostin is doing is stupid that's fine too. The thing is what you think doesn't influence my actions at all.

I unsigned the UC charter as soon as Jam told me Jake/Nero was in SPQNR so we aren't bound by the UC agreement and neither are you as far as ITO goes, but again I repeat myself, at the moment only Jake/Nero is on our list. No duels, just happy hunting. Jam actually had a similar arrangement with Mythiclord though ITO and TGE are allies.
10  Corporation General Talk / Corporation Stance / Re: To Jake on: October 28, 2014, 02:43:16 PM
Actually Irredrache I haven't compared notes or kept a specific tally but I would say that most definitely Raph has done FAR less damage than Jake. I recall Raph taking out some labs and stuff after we backed Dadds/Jam on his being still considered an outlaw. With the GC dissolved and UC formed, there is no 'outlaw status' any longer.

The UC in my estimation strives to be just and honorable, to preserve justice and peace, not to force justice for past events. With the GC gone and no UC obligation to mess with him Raph has nothing to prove and has stopped attacking and so we at ITO have him listed as being under a 'un-official cease-fire'. If we got strong enough that would probably change. For now *his transgressions* are unpunished, as are Jake's for the most part.

Jake didn't just attack us, he did so out of indifference or support of an *unjust war* which is why I didn't want to let him off so easy. He and Rostin both appear to think Jake/Nero's past actions were reasonable because he was just blindly loyal to a totalitarian. I think that's a good reason to say both of you have a busted moral compass and Jake stays on the hitlist.

But you misunderstand what this is really about for ITO-

The issue at hand is that Rostin(not Jake) initially asked for clemency regarding Jake...then he effectively made our decision on the matter moot. Either we let him off easy or leave the UC or just violate the agreements outright.

This comes off as abusing the UC to shelter a war criminal. There's nothing against this in the UC rules but using it to skirt justice strengthens my resolve to carry out justice if we can. It also means ITO can't be in the UC until we do or the charter is amended. I aim to leave him on our hitlist until he experiences the sort of setbacks he inflicted on us, especially if he won't admit that his/Dadds' attacks were unjust. This will most likely consist of at least 2-3 good hits where his operations are significantly looted, destroyed, and/or ships jumped.

As for SPQNR and the UC:
The character of both SPQNR and the UC is tarnished in my view by using the UC charter to protect a war criminal(for me IMG=Nazis and Jake=top general) who's not even apologized for WRONG-doing. He apologized for our 'losses' but that doesn't make up for the fact it was just for my telling Dadds to 'calm down'. I can't just forgive that if he has no actual remorse for that.

Irredrache, if I ran into your bathroom and stole your toilet paper just before you're about to wipe, would paying you fifty cents back for the tp be enough for you to forgive that?

See it's not the tp/QP that is the issue- it's that the act was offensively wrong. For me Jake's actions aren't just about what was taken, but the fact that it was for no good reason other than to support Dadds' malicious totalitarianism. So no, I'm sorry but 25QP and a 'sorry for your loss' just won't cut it.
11  Corporation General Talk / Corporation Stance / Re: To Jake on: October 27, 2014, 05:23:31 PM
Yes, the trust issue with Jake/Nero would be less a concern if he were to publicly denounce Dadds' war as frivolous and unreasonable/unjust and say that he personally condemns his own actions in support of it as unjust.

Regardless, the fact that he joined SPQNR (making him protected under United Corporations' charter from UC corp attacks) convinced me/ITO to reserve the right to retaliatory strike(s) against Jake/Nero if and when we get the chance. Jake/Nero has agreed not to flee in that event. He has also apologized for the losses(only) incurred from his participation in IMG's war.

Because of this ITO will remain officially outside the United Corporations(signature removed from the charter) until it's charter is amended to allow such 'grandfathered' retaliatory strikes, or we decide we're 'square' with Jake/Nero etc..

However, my/our commitment to the UC charter agreements and their intended spirit of co-operation and non-aggression will otherwise remain firm. I want to re-assure the UC corporations that we will not interfere in operations of UC corps and uphold our agreements other than retaliation against Jake/Nero.

It is my belief that this is the most honorable thing to do to avoid letting injustice stand without breaking our word or eroding the integrity of the UC and it's agreements.
12  General Talk / News & Strategy / Re: The United Corporations on: October 20, 2014, 03:10:42 PM
It is also hoped that this will foster trust and communication among our corporations, as well as show the integrity of corporations that can hold true to this agreement..
13  General Talk / Hi. My name is... / Re: I am Prophet on: October 07, 2014, 03:49:53 PM
Yes this is why many recommend you join an established corp, build yourself up, then form your own later.

For example, I have mk100+ WHGs etc. that, along with similarly large cargo/diamonds that can get my ships across the map in under an hour rather than 7. Raph probably can do so in seconds lol.

It's very, very slow to get over that 'hump' without the advantage of such corporate resources. But even then, if you can get players to join you and they stay active you could share research/manufacturing capabilities etc. and do just fine with some teamwork.   19

Still it will take time though. I've been playing for about a year now, won the lottery my first month, and was given leadership of the corp early this year. It's taken us this long to get where we are.
14  Corporation General Talk / Corporation Recrutment / Re: Project Genesis on: October 05, 2014, 12:04:04 AM
ITO has a similar set of standards as do most good corps so you will do well and I endorse PG as a choice if you want to join a good up and coming corp (outside the top 10 like ITO lol).
15  Corporation General Talk / Corporation Stance / Re: Project Genesis on: October 04, 2014, 11:58:08 PM
The most powerful corp in the galaxy wishes you good luck.  1

Most powerful player? Yes

Most powerful corp? Debatable.  Especially considering the vast majority of the corp power comes from you and a good corp is more then one person. SSS is one of the best but the best, that is up to debate. lol. No offense is intended.

Prophet good luck with your corp. We shall all be sitting back watching and seeing how things go.

My members have grown much more than any other corp's members so I would say that it's still the best.

And, of course, you don't intend to offend. You wouldn't want my lasers mk M targeting your "strong" ships. LOL

That's an excellent point/burn Raph. But to be fair, I happen to know you gave Rostin a corp ship recently that approaches 30mil in power and we saw the spike in his rating. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's what a good corp leader does for good players like Rostin. I'm sure he's put a lot into getting where he is, but to be fair he also wouldn't be there without those mondo handouts from the billionaire playboy that runs SSS lol.

But ITO is still building up and our best ship has about 6-7mil power and we have a number of others around a few million. We hand out those and some SOS ships and pass around our corp research vessel. It's nothing like what Raph's got but I think we make more of what we have than many corporations in the game.

For example, ITO's currently most powerful player has 17mil ship power on his own without any of our corp ships and was around 10mil a few weeks ago I think. That's like a 70% increase. Not to brag for him but I haven't seen you guys do that in a while.  19
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