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1681  General Talk / News & Strategy / Re: Jam-Jul Lison vendetta on: February 04, 2014, 11:58:41 PM
JJ, yes my friend, I am aware of our NAP.  Neither I nor EoS is a threat to you, please try to curtail your paranoia.

I was just saying that I do not condone what you are doing.  I am sorry if what I wrote seemed threatening.  I did not mean it so.  What I wanted to say was there may well be repercusions from a myriad of other sources.
1682  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: Combat drive vs combat speed and OOE (Order of Engagement) on: February 04, 2014, 11:50:30 PM
I am in agreement with what my esteemed fellow captain Dadds has to say.

I am going to quote only one minor point (please forgive me if it seems 'out-of-context')

"...I see the interceptor and bomber class to be vessels of sacrifice..."

I don't see them as Kamakazi or any other form of sacrifice.  Instead, I see them as they are.
First Strike Vehicles (those that go in  ahead of battle and... ...hmmm...

...didn't Dads just say that...

...   ...   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   ...   ...
1683  General Talk / News & Strategy / Re: Jam-Jul Lison vendetta on: February 04, 2014, 11:37:36 PM
The EoS does not condone this act.

The EoS cautions JJL to pay close attention to any possible consequence regarding his present jingoistic behavior.
1684  General Talk / News & Strategy / Re: Jam-Jul Lison vendetta on: February 03, 2014, 04:35:56 AM
I also do not think that this action fits the discription of piracy (as there was no profit).

Instead, it's an act of terror being performed by the self-proclamed 'best Pirate the game has ever seen'.

I am calling this an act of terrorism.

(edit - spelling, again)
1685  Corporation General Talk / Bounty hunting / Re: IMG Stations on: February 03, 2014, 04:24:37 AM
I am not trying to appease IMG.  Dadds probably won't like it I said as much as I did. But I said something so you would have a heads up so you could try to maybe salvage the situation before you end up in some hot water.  Next time I guess I will just stay out of it and just let whatever is going to occur happen.  As for your questions, just ask Dadds on that.

You are the one who challenged me on this, not Dadds.  If Dadds needs my input on anything, I am sure he will (as he has in the past) ask me in private. 

If you have any need of my input, ask me privately,
 the public doesn't really need to see your dirty laundry.
1686  Feedback Terminal / "Bugs" and Problems / Re: something happened on: February 03, 2014, 03:54:28 AM
Then get it fixed!
1687  Feedback Terminal / "Bugs" and Problems / something happened on: February 03, 2014, 02:26:19 AM
my account on this forum disappeared.  Period.  Just disappeared.
went to bed with nothing wrong and woke up to 'acnowledgement of permission to exist' can no longer be found...
my status now seems to be that of a fresh graduate.
1688  Corporation General Talk / Bounty hunting / Re: IMG Stations on: February 03, 2014, 02:08:02 AM
Because Sargas you are Dadds's number 1 suspect.  You knew where his science planet was and wormhole detector data shows a ship coming from a nearby area that you have stuff in.  Gronk also apparently has some from there as well. You know how Dadds gets when he is worked up. That is why I am saying it is a good idea to speak up and calm things before they get out of control.

Do not advocate for Dadds!  If Dadds has an issue with me he, and only he, has the right to question me.

...'wormhole detector data' shows a ship coming from a ... ...Gronk also has...
what ship was discovered? and from where? Was it mine?  Was it Gronk's?  or was it someone elses?
Please do not try to introduce this type of 'well, he has a ship that size... inquiry.

THIRD< FOURTH< FIFTH, ETC, etc...etc...

Why is PMI(oops make that read TGE) still trying to appease IMG?

(edit -

...sigh...   ...never mind, it doesn't really matter...

...sigh...)...   ...   ...
1689  Corporation General Talk / Bounty hunting / Re: IMG Stations on: February 02, 2014, 06:27:50 PM
Then you messed up somewhere again. Bounty was certainly paid, and there's no way I would actually scout planets that are over a hundred lightyears away from Sol.. You wanna bet on this? A thousand QPs perhaps? You will eat your words again. LOL

The current battle system isn't that unrealistic. I mean, if an attacking ship's real goal is the planet modules, and the defending station is too weak to put a dent on the attacker's shields, I don't see why it's impossible for the ship to go around the station and just attack the planet. Stations don't have engines to completely block or pursue a ship, unlike ships.

At this point of time though, it seems likely that stations at the very least have some sort of maneuvering thrusters built in. Even if we can't see them. Otherwise I can't see one maintaining a good orbit around a planet such as Jupiter.   Though I can see possibly getting around a station, I think it would be better if they had to go through the station first.  As for the bounty. Considering there is only 1 person who knew where he was and from what I was informed, there was only 1 additional ship detected coming in just prior to your attack and it came from a system Sargas seems to be set up in, it is a safe bet as to who may have tipped you off.  It was likely either him or you were lieing.  As for scouting planets away from Sol.  With as many ships as you have, it wouldn't be that hard of a job to do. Especially if you use your COMs to sorta scout out nearby areas to see what might be around and hope to get lucky as you do COM missions.

Sargas if you would like to speak up and defend yourself now would be the time. I am not making accusations against you.  Just looking at the situation as it appears to be.

What do I have to defend if there are no accusations.  If you have something to say to my  or ask me then do so and don't try innuendo...
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