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16  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: Stations menu/Ship Docking menu >modules< on: June 02, 2017, 02:12:05 PM
I guess I have to agree. I've done a lot of clicking.

I think this game doesn't scale well once you have the money to buy lots of ships/stations. It gets harder to manage. This seems to be a common problem in different games I've seen. Mods are typically made for this.

It'd be nice if there was a way to mix the power of modding with MMO's. This doesn't have to ruin a MMO, I think. Ultima Online player run servers typically allowed some client-side scripts. Those would automate clicking sequences, but wouldn't override the server code. So if the server code said something would require 5 seconds, it'll always require 5 seconds. There was usually a line between attended and unattended macroing, or automated boxes (alts) and those that require more user control. The in-game scripting functions were too limited., so 3rd party was used. You were usually restricted to only using certain software. Anything else was a bannable offense.

SO the way this would work in Astro Galaxy is you'd make a script for clicking on each module to install it after the browser page has reloaded. So you could sit back and wait until everyting is installed. It'd be like YOU doing it but super fast. Typically there're no mouse move events, just clicks, so you don't record mouse movements when making a script. This only works for consistent scenarios. More dynamic scenarios require your script to get feedback and they usually are harder to make with more legal issues.

Problem is the macroing requires extra time investment and skill. It's a lot like modding. However if the software is easy to use and there's a strong community of macroers/scripters then players can just download and use them.
17  Info Terminal / Updates / Re: Future Updates - Main Poll on: April 23, 2017, 02:55:59 PM
Hey guys, I'm debating on hopping on the development train here.  What are some features you'd like to see implemented?  I'll get a list going.

-Redesigned UI.
If it's just an excuse to make us all use the tablet interface, not interested. Don't like hybrid interfaces. They're a cost saving measure, but when it comes down to it, I'll take the specialized interface any day over a hybrid, IF it's available.
-Additional voting options. M
There're five now? You get random QP and 5,000 credits. What's really important about it?
-Monthly reward split into weekly and monthly prizes.
Same as above. Not very important to me.
-Something something combat/trading.
This is important to me. Either I don't understand the combat system yet, or it's a bland treadmill. It really need some life. It needs to be more like a good Master of Orion 2 fight where you feel involved. Less mundane clicking, more tactful clicking.
For trading I think it's covered better below. Why did you list it twice?

-Corp stations.  
Not important to me yet. I'm not familiar with it.
-More economic depth, loosen trade.
I'm for this, but at what price? Especially with MMO's, it's hard to find ones don't sell their soul. The fundamental probelm with all MMO's is they're trying to make every player happy and hooked. That's solved best with single player mechanics. How else do you guarantee players will be happy? You can't guarantee players interacting with each other will make each other happy. Sometimes it'll make them quit the game. It's the same with PvP. That's why PvP is so restricted in so many MMO's. While I have many ideas about how I'd like to see the economy develop, I don't have much hope. I've seen too many ambitious MMO's plan deep/loose economies only to see it restricted into oblivion because of unhappiness.
So why're they unhappy? Because of inconvenient or unwanted results from interactions with others. In economic matters players are very competitive and half or more of the players come out on the losing end somewhere. Prices can change dramatically and unfairly. Developers try to overdesign to control everything, so each player has equal results. The end result is the MMO becomes single player in all but name. Think how easier it would be not to try in the first place? Hence why so many MMO's don't ever try. It's a trainwreck for any designer.
Look to the real world for examples. ~10% control ~85% of the wealth. ~1% control about ~50%. Fair? Fun? Hell no. This is instinct. It's human nature. A loose economy in an MMO is going to produce pyramids in which a few at the top rule over the masses.
And depth has similar results. If looseness is the drug, depth is the dealer. They're like twin brothers. Depth is what you use to outdo someone else, looseness is the fat paycheck you get. Both need to be there to enable the pyramid to function.
No hope.

-The bloody wiki.
I forgot about the wiki. I've used the forum for help. Maybe the wiki link should be in the main game, unless I missed it.
-Galactic warrants
Reads interesting but have no idea. Same category as quests. I think good combat is more important.

Ideas please.
18  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: Date: Jul 2014 on: April 17, 2017, 05:28:20 PM
Anyone have an idea how damage affects armor? I've tried using it and whenever it gets damage it seems remarkably flimsy. It seems nearly 50% of my armor was gone after an attack which apparently only did maximum 35% (it actually only showed 23% but 1.6x = 35%).

In another battle I remember the damage was in the area of 700k but it damaged on the order of 1000k armor units. It's almost like damaqe is being treated as scattershot and it's striking vast areas of armor and damaging it signficantly. What I wonder is if this damage is apparently during the battle or only afterward? What I mean is while the battle results might indicate 20% of your armor is gone, the actual damage during a battle might only be 1/2 that, meaning you could take double that damage on the 20% armor you lost.

I'll try to give a clearer example below. Your ship only has 2 protection modules (no shields):
Armor D (125k protection)
Armor D (125k protection)

During battle your ship gets struck by 125k damage. After the battle both your armor modules are 100% damaged. So the battle results indicate they cannot absorb damage, BUT since they only took 125k during the battle, they can still go as high as 250k during teh battle. Whether it's 125k or 250k damage during battle, both battle results will be the same and they'll be 100% damaged.

Armor being so sensitive to damage is one of the reasons it's difficult to ever justify using it except only in rarest circumstances. Maybe I'm wrong somehow? I'm still trying to build a case for using it, but I just haven't got ambitious enough yet. One possiblity I've dreamed up is since armor is counted at 1/2 the power value of advanced, it should mean missions are finished sooner. IF you're obsessive you might gain several hours per fight, resulting in more solars in X time versus if you were using shields. The extra solars MIGHT help to pay for the armor. The other consideration is since many missions use lasers, you can use less modules for teh same protection. However, even if the math somehow added up, you still have to carry around repair materials and repair the armor after each fight (1.5h with officer).
19  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: Extraterrestrial Cluster on: March 14, 2017, 03:54:50 PM
Have you explored all of it already? I haven't, I don't think. I have visited the alien cluster at 30,30 or wherever it's via the wormhole near SOL. But I've heard there're other clusters and other mysteries.

Have you visited a black hole yet?

I remember SirEmi saying there were monsters or dangers lurking between the clusters. Do I remember right? Maybe he meant the black holes? I was led to believe these were monsters, if alien then like space monsters?

I just noticed lately AP is the cost-effective way to travel fast in many cases, esp for big ships. You can't direct blind jumps, so... It was a surprise to me, since I made a couple WHG MK CL for travelling fast. Unfortunately my big ships can't use them cost-effectively, except maybe in the alien clusters where you collect "free" fuel. In that circumstance it makes sense because you can't just sell your fuel so far from SOL. Ejecting it puts you at a loss.
20  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: Date: Jul 2014 on: March 13, 2017, 02:33:57 PM
A lot of AG's game mechanics don't make sense, and one of them is the battle order. laugh

I have another question. If a ship is hit in its shields in wave 1, does this damage carry over to subsequent fights in wave 1, 2 and 3?

How does this battle order occur:

My ships: s1 (6m), s2 (3m)
Enemy: 844k, 843k, 670k, 630k, 600k

1st wave:
s1 vs e1
s2 vs e2 (draw)
s1 vs e3
s1 vs e4
2nd wave: (nothing)
3rd wave:
s1 vs e2
s2 vs e5 (draw)

s1 could have handled all of them by itself happy Addition of extra ship made the fight a draw.

Question: So can ships attack only once in wave 3?
21  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: Notepad on: March 10, 2017, 08:16:31 PM
You started pretty early since you have a record of Rostin still being in my corp. laugh

On a side note, do you by any chance have some info regarding these players' assets? I will pay in QPs. 1

[IMG] Dadds (#862)
[SOL] Hollie Stevens (#4705)
J Shepard (#330)
Man in the Mirror (#4809)
[ALIEN] Morgan (#5386)
[EPL] AG was a great game (#4396)
No info on them sorry. I had a station hit once by Morgan. But that was a long while ago.

If I see them in-game I will try to recall your interest.
22  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: Newbie Friendly : on: March 10, 2017, 07:56:21 PM
I was playing Dawn2055 and when I moved here I met a player with the same name. PM'd them and it was them!

The first online game I played was Everquest. Most of the names from the first few years I don't remember. There was one monk I met on Rallos Zek early 1999 and I always wanted to meet him again. His name started with an X. I may never meet him/her. So why's it important to me? This player introduced me to my first RP experience. It was a powerful thing. See, he met somebody else in N Karana and they dueled. They were in RP guilds. His opponent was higher level. They roleplayed it and he died. I remember a small tear because it was so beautiful. I don't enjoy to roleplay myself, but I've also never experienced a roleplaying event like that and rarely if ever encounter them.
23  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: Date: Jul 2014 on: March 10, 2017, 04:18:10 PM
s = your ships
p = pirate ships

s1 vs p1
s2 vs p2
s1 vs p3
s1 vs p4
s1 vs p5

Surviving ships continue fighting in the second round. The battle system obviously needs improvement.   laugh

1.) No strategy, and I only use it when experimenting. Also, changing the weapon setting doesn't affect overall power, thus won't affect the battle timer as well.
2.) Ship jumps to the safe zone regardless.

Yep you're right that's how hte battle order occurs.

But why should the most powerful ship do EVERYTHING in wave 1 after the other ships have had one round? What if the "most powerful" ship is only a meager 1000 power higher than hte 2nd highest? Seems like a better strategy would be to spread the carnage across multiple ships so one of them isn't overwhelmed, otherwise you're encouraged to put all your eggs in one basket.

For example, if you have one ship, worth 5 million, and 3 ships worth 3.5 million each, it's potentially a risky gamble for your 5 million ship to take on the remaining enemy fleet when it represents only 32% of your total power.

I have another question. If a ship is hit in its shields in wave 1, does this damage carry over to subsequent fights in wave 1, 2 and 3?

That's the one I want answered most because I've had it in the back of my mind for a while.
24  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: A Year Without Updates on: March 09, 2017, 02:37:03 PM
If you have any questions / concerns, please message me directly on Support.

Have fun!  1

Strange. I just noticed now Sir Emi's picture. it shows a star, maybe a neutron star, emitting a hot jet of energy at its poles maybe because accretion or the momentum of its rotation--possibly the presence of its companion. An extremely unlucky planet would have its atmosphere incinerated by this jet even if it was some light years away. I was thinking about this for a while and recently saw a episode of "How The Universe Works" pertaining to this. I've also read some unique pairs will emit anti-matter. There's a lot of it near the center of our galaxy and recently they tied it to this:

About neutron stars (or maybe more aptly pulsars):
25  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: Notepad on: March 09, 2017, 02:06:21 PM
I have lauded txt files of 10 Mb in notepad...
When I first started I kept track of the player ships/miners/modules I encountered--as well mining targets--in EVERY system. The file got to 33.3 KB when I finally stopped recording, probably well over a year ago.

10 MB for a text file is huge. I'm using LibreOffice Calc now. Ocassionaly have made text files for organizing my thoughts.

Here's a sample:
[SOL] Alexssa
.. Zeta Alpha Centauri - MF (1)

[SOL] andromech
.. Eta Alpha Centauri - AH (1)
.. Alpha Alpha Centauri - MF (1)

[SPQNR] Armicustos Darrel
.. S/CJJ 4698 I1 - MF (1)
.. Iota CJJ 4698 - MF (1)
.. Theta CJJ 4698 - MF (1)
.. S/CJJ 4698 ET1 - MF (1)
.. Eta CJJ 4698 - MF (1)
.. S/CJJ 4698 Z1 - MF (1)
.. Zeta CJJ 4698 - MF (9)
.. S/CJJ 4698 E1 - MF (1)
.. Epsilon CJJ 4698 - MF (4)
.. S/CJJ 4698 D3 - MF (1)
.. S/CJJ 4698 D1 - MF (1)
.. S/CJJ 4698 D2 - MF (1)
.. S/CJJ 4698 D4 - MF (1)
.. S/CJJ 4698 G2 - MF (1)
.. Gamma CJJ 4698 - AH (86)
.. Gamma CJJ 4698 - AAH (3)
.. Gamma CJJ 4698 - OST (III-692970)
.. S/CJJ 4698 G1 - AH (9)
.. S/CJJ 4698 G3 - MF (9)
.. S/CJJ 4698 B3 - MF (1)
.. S/CJJ 4698 B1 - MF (1)
.. Beta CJJ 4698 - AAH (29)
.. Beta CJJ 4698 - SAH (3)
.. Beta CJJ 4698 - OST ()
.. S/CJJ 4698 B2 - MF (1)
.. Alpha CJJ 4698 - OST (III-997470)
.. Epsilon XAX 37570 - OSH (V-1818668)
.. Beta VOV 29337 - SAH (1)
.. Alpha VOV 29337 - MF (6)
.. Alpha VOV 29337 - SMF (1)
.. Alpha VOV 29337 - AAH (14)

Rest of the names I encountered until I stopped recording:

[SOL] Badger

[STF] BatteredWarrior

[SOL] bikamek


[SPQNR][C] Carolus Rex

[SOL] cliff

[SOL] codyscott

[SSS] Commodore Rostin

[SPQNR] Consul Rostinius Maximus

[ITO] Cornedo

[SOL] dark

[SSS] Deku1

[SOL] dj_lineker

[SOL] dodecius

[ITO] Dracoazul:

[SOL] DrStonerFish

[TGE] Emperor Jam-Jul Lison

[SOL] FerusOlin

[SSS] Fiordiligi

[STF] Fredericka

[SSS] Freezelove

[SOL] garville

[SOL] gild4950

[] Gronk




[SOL] highlandknight

[SOL] iantyke


[SPQNR] IcyBlue



[PP] jeremiaa

[ITO][C] JoolzVern

[SSS] josephine_r

[EOS] judgedreadx:

[SOL] kagewolfe

[NHC] KevinNLN

[NSE] Korvin

[NHC] Lazarus


[SOL] letsgowings735

[SOL] leon28

[NHC] lisunken

[RLP] LOTRfreak101

[SSS] M5GrandCZ - Old?
M5GrandCZ - New?

[SOL] MacZdun


[SPQNR] Marcus Cruoningus

[SOL] maxx

[SOL] Melah

[SOL] mhealey

[ITO] Moonshine


[SPQNR] Mythiclord

[SPQNR] nattta

[SOL] Nemo:

[SPQNR] nero


[SOL] Niord

[TGE] Other_Bartel

SOL Patrol:

[SOL] Pardence

[SOL] pradip

[SOL] Qannika

[STAR] Qwazar

[SPQNR] regnaD KciN

[SPQNR] regnaDus kciNius

[SOL] Richard

[SPQNR] Rostinius Maximus

[SOL] Sir Emi

[SOL] solace

[SOL] Sophia:

[SOL] Steve243

[SOL] stranger080

[SOL] striker18

[SOL] test123

The Reavers

[SSS] The One Above All

[SPQNR] torh

[SOL] tresto


[SOL] Untamed


[SOL] wwwatkins53

[TGE] Veteran GoodPerson

[SSS] Viracocha1

[SPQNR] Virgil

[MAG] VoidRunner

[N.E.A] Xavier

[SOL] Xenon

[SOL] xenophon
26  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: Date: Jul 2014 on: March 08, 2017, 03:47:28 PM
July 2014 is when I created my character in Astro Galaxy.

I have some random questions.

1) If a ship is inside a hanger (inside another ship), is its cargo vulnerable to capture after a loss in combat?no
* Can I put items inside a ship and put that ship in a hanger to "protect" those items?yes
2) When a battle stars, and you have more than 1 ship, what's the battle order? I read the most powerful ship is attacked first, but what happens after that? What happens to your other ship(s), regarding battle order?most powerful, then second, then third, etc
3) When I investigate a COM, the difficulty is dependent only on the active ship--and not on ships in hanger or nearby?only active ships (if the nearby ships are in the same orbit, they add to your attack/defense strength
4) If a ship has 0 armor and 0 shields, how mcuh damage do I need to do to overwhelm the manpower/hitpoints?a lot of factors involved in this...  does the enemy employ EMJO's? How powerfuyl is their ship(s)

So if I deploy the ships in my hanger in the nearby orbit before investigating, they'll increase the difficulty of a COM?

Regarding question (2), here're my list of ships:
Ship (1) 5.5 million power
Ship (2) 1.5 million power

My enemy's ships: 1m power, 900k, 750k, 600k, 270k, 190k

Do all the enemy ships first focus on my 5.5m ship and if they defeat it only then they attack my 1.5m ship?
Or does it alternate between them attacking my first and second ship, until they exhaust their weapons or are defeated?

One way or another I'm about to find out I think.

Another question:
1) Do you have a strategy for using "find weakness" with marine modules? I once used it when I first started to defeat someone who I couldn't defeat normally because they had too much shielding. It of course was inefficient because it required so much time to complete. I haven't used it since for that reason.
2) Does anything different happen if a ship doesn't have a FTL or WHG and is defeated in a COM?

EDIT: Thanks for responding.
27  General Talk / General Discussion / Date: Jul 2014 on: March 08, 2017, 04:13:21 AM
July 2014 is when I created my character in Astro Galaxy.

I have some random questions.

1) If a ship is inside a hanger (inside another ship), is its cargo vulnerable to capture after a loss in combat?
* Can I put items inside a ship and put that ship in a hanger to "protect" those items?
2) When you initiate a combat, and you have more than 1 ship, what's the battle order? I read the most powerful ship is attacked first, but what happens after that? What happens to your other ship(s), regarding battle order?
3) When I investigate a COM, the difficulty is dependent only on the active ship--and not on ships in hanger or nearby?
4) If a ship has 0 armor and 0 shields, how mcuh damage do I need to do to overwhelm the manpower/hitpoints?
28  Info Terminal / Knowledge base, Information board / Re: Pro Tips on: March 01, 2017, 04:15:15 PM
How exactly is manpower (and manpower hitpoints) computed in combat? If I purchase the boarding ship optimization which gives my marines up to 300% manpower hitpoints, what will that do exactly? I know what increasing their attack does, roughly, it means they hit harder, right?

I largely want to understand what hte hitpoints thing is.
29  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: MAU on: March 01, 2017, 03:19:09 PM
I know this thread is 2.5 years old, but....

I like Sargas's idea. I encountered this many times where I wanted to just capture some miners and then send them to owner, or at least send a payment to them of comparable sum. Capturing their miners would allow you to either send them or to pay the other player for most of the loss of their miners. The best option would be a way to mail/send the miners after you capture them.

I would expect capturing should require more marines and/or more time for the mission to complete.

I understand JoolzVern about how it disturb game balance since capturing miners is easy and miners can be expensive, so most players might choose to capture. Perhaps one way to get around this is not allow the capturing player to use the module, but instead can only sell or send it to the original owner. This actually might make sense, since modules might have encryption codes only the owner possesses.

Also if a player is placing extremely valuable modules on a planet then why would they also leave them defenseless? I started protecting my prospector missions with combat-capable ships. I know it's inefficient, but otherwise I risk another player destroying them. Prospector missions aren't balanced since combat CAN be involved via PvP--so the reward SHOULD be higher than it's now. Nonetheless, highly valuable miners on planets aren't going to (and shouldn't) easily be captured if they're defended.

Another thing worth pointing out is currently autoloading is capped at 6 hour intervals. So how much your station will autoload from the planet is limited by the load size of the miners and hte number of miners on the planet. For normal miners, this is about MK 165. You don't need better miners if you're relying on autoload. So any hypothetical capture isn't going to net much better unless players are using the universal miners (making advantage of the larger load size) or are loading between the 6 hour intervals.

This idea has less significance now that stars nova, but it could still be useful for players who do prospector missions.

One problem--I guess--is you need to donate at least $5 to send payments to other players. Would need to be another option for froobs. Perhaps allow non-paying players to send items/QP to other players in a limited amount? Or to send captured things free?

EDIT: I want to be clear about what JoolzVern said. Essentially, if miners are easy to capture and tend to be high MK or valuable, almost every player will choose to capture them. This could mess up the game balance by greatly increasing the incentive to attack planet modules. Imagine finding a universal miner someone dumbly left behind? Wouldn't you capture it? You absolutely would, especially if capture was 100%, even if it required double or triple the time. Currently, universal miners are only purchasable with QP.

When I was doing prospector missions, my biggest liability were gas giants, since they tended to have more module space. I might be able to put 40 atmospheric miners on a gas giant, or even more. For 40 slots, that's 741855 x 40 = 29,674,200 solars. For advanced it's maybe 42 million solars. This is why I started protecting my prospector missions with combat-capable ships.
30  Feedback Terminal / "Bugs" and Problems / Bad COMs on: December 05, 2016, 04:23:43 PM
I tried 3 COMs in the 2,2 sector and they all could not be accepted and with a screen telling me it was a bug. It said to message e(#1). What does that mean? Could it be more unclear? Anyway, anybody else experienced this b4?
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