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  August 14, 2018, 09:24:39 PM *
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1  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: GCA Bylaws Rough Draft on: August 06, 2018, 09:35:37 PM
Is [GCA] Capt. Clavin (who has been inactive for 644h 19m 1s) still the one in charge of GCA?

Odlid's Leader right now.  307h 56m 6s  21

I can boot Odlid (and re-admit him when he returns) if there's a Trade to do..
2  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: GCA Bylaws Rough Draft on: August 06, 2018, 10:38:02 AM
Free, but short-term only (time it takes to complete the exchange) - you rejoin your Corp by re-Applying afterward (PM your corp Leader first so this goes quickly).  Sol Corp rejoins Sol using widget at the top of the Corp > Top Corps tab after leaving GCA.

(ed) Exchanges must have a minimum value of $1m since they're subsidized by Raphael at 1-QP/exchange (paid to the GCA Leader).

There's also some limitations on the purchase of military equipment (max value scales with your Pow)
3  General Talk / Hi. My name is... / Re: Ian, son of Gildavinor, reporting for duty! on: July 27, 2018, 08:34:22 AM

I've successfully completed the SEA training. One question though... is it possible to transfer modules from one of my ships to the other? I'd like to take some modules from the MkIII and send them to the MkIV before I have the prior stripped and sold for parts.


Easiest way is empty the mod of any cargo or personnel, stow in cargo, and transfer using the cargo tab (personnel transfer using the modules > installed tab).  

To get the last storage mod off the ship, you'd need to have both ships at a Station you own, deploy the mod to the Station, and Scoop it to the new ship.  Problem then is getting the stripped ship back to Earth (you can't deploy Stations at earth).  You'd need a Hangar for that.  But I don't think it's worth the hassle for the last low level mod, even when you're starting out.  Earth will buy from you at a loss vs purchase price (think you get 75% ?).
4  Corporation General Talk / Corporation Stance / Re: Pax Terra Official Stance on: July 23, 2018, 09:55:25 PM
Bye. Iím moving on, and so is PT. Sadly, This game is dead. I had my fun, and now itís over. I used to love this game, but its so boring now. So Iíll come clean, if you havenít guessed already. Cpt. Jean Cesare was my broís account that he gave to me. Pokeboy098 was my first account, kicked from SPQNR for inactivity. Akorem Laan was my 4th account. Plasmastorm was my second. And finally, Nero Inanis was my 5th. Toothlessís accounts were all alts too, and anyone else who joined PT went inactive shortly after. Iím done. I had fun, and that is what games are for. Goodbye for now, maybe Iíll see you in another game, where I didnít mess up so badly. I might check back in, but if you really want to see me, Iím HA Wynd Cynara on the Kepler Galaxy in Astro Empires. I was taking care of my broís account, SolarNova, while he was away, and he is coming back, so you can maybe contact me through him as well. Remember the history and government of Pax Terra, some of it wasnít scripted and some was really really interesting.

Farewell, and Godspeed Captains,
The Pax Terra Corporation

Sorry to see you go!  Maybe find someone to park your id with and let them loot your assets?  Preferably a low to midlevel independent, but not a total beginner?

btw (for others' info) - getting "kicked from SPQNR for inactivity" needn't be permanent.  Just reapply - we already know you :-)
5  General Talk / Hi. My name is... / Re: Ian, son of Gildavinor, reporting for duty! on: July 22, 2018, 09:33:27 PM
Someone better suited already welcomed you to AG :-)

SPQNR will welcome you if/when you'd like (it's a nepotism thing  laugh
6  Info Terminal / Knowledge base, Information board / Re: How many weeks/months it take to finish the Space Exploration Academy? on: July 20, 2018, 12:53:16 AM
...Buy the saddest part of this tale is that I can no longer proclaim that I'm an SEA dropout.

ah, but you are now eligible to join the Empire.  We would welcome you. 15

ah, but SPQNR will always be the first Corporation Odlid refused to join!  And, he's still welcome :-)
7  Caffe / Whatever / Re: For Sale 13/7/2018 on: July 13, 2018, 07:23:44 PM

at your link Sir Emi mentioned max reduction was to 5% of crew remaining.  However, think I've seen stronger mods than that captured?  In your experience do they all in practice max out at 95% (iow, a skeleton crew always survives, regardless of EMJO)?  Thanks!
8  Caffe / Whatever / Re: GCA For Sale on: July 12, 2018, 01:08:07 PM
I have to agree, Pokeboy.
This is the third 'super-corporation' attempted.
For a good lesson in folly, read the posts up there ^ called "Child Board" and see some of the difficulties of attempting to unify the galaxy.  wallbash

"Galactic Council"?  Fascinating read - especially how roles have changed over a comparatively few years (Thanks)!

GCA is far more modest by intent, need served, and design - it (should) provide a safe (Earth based) place for trade among players of different corps.  No reason why even declared enemies couldn't trade (except mutual spite ;-)

am disheartened re GCA because lack of interest shows lack of new players with enough emotional engagement to stick around, and without new players everything equilibrates (coarse restatement of 2nd Law of Thermodynamics ;-)  Fortunately that takes a long time - lots still to learn and do.
9  Caffe / Whatever / Re: GCA For Sale on: July 11, 2018, 08:55:49 PM
I've parked Odlid in the GCA corporation because it was useful to help Cliff get trades done.  I can still do that if desired or free up my 'member slot' for alts from sponsor corps. 

Don't leave unless GCA's a nuisance :-)

Member licenses are dirt cheap at this level.
10  Caffe / Whatever / Re: GCA For Sale on: July 11, 2018, 05:55:50 PM
just wondering as it followed my post

no harm, no foul

my offer stands as an emergency boss.

GCA's not as useful as hoped - no new players are using it to buy mods and get out of Ring 1 -, but still of occasional value to major players.  Worth stabilizing a bit more..

Let's see if the other GCA Founders are interested in amending the charter to allow alts of the leaders of the Top 4 corps to join as Sponsors?  You won't all quit or the game's dead anyway ;-)

Notion is Sponsors take on 1 active role: initiating and holding a 48-hour simple poll among themselves on whether to replace an absent or unresponsive Leader, and with whom, and whether to reinstate the former Leader should they once again become available to serve.

This assumes a Leader can be kicked.  GCA Sponsors have all priv except setting Ranks, and can Kick members.  Can a Leader be kicked like any other member, by anyone with kicking priv?  Can only the Leader set rank due to AG, or is that part of Corp setup? - Thanks!

Raphael, Odlid, Cliff, Pokeboy what do you think?
11  Caffe / Whatever / Re: GCA For Sale on: July 11, 2018, 12:36:36 PM
In GCA chat, says he sent them to Odlid.
12  Caffe / Whatever / Re: GCA For Sale on: July 10, 2018, 07:54:45 PM
Sorry everyone for the mix up i thought i had made ollid leader. He is now promoted to leader and you guys have been accepted. I will be back on in a few weeks.

Thanks CliffClavin, Enjoy! 
13  Caffe / Whatever / Re: GCA For Sale on: July 10, 2018, 03:43:42 PM
forum email received from CliffClavin:  "Hi i thought i put him as leader while i was on vacation ill check that"

at least he knows now that he's missed ;-D
14  Caffe / Whatever / Re: GCA For Sale on: July 10, 2018, 01:26:46 PM
np - most people are honorable.  Problem is the dishonorable ones are so memorable it's distorting  7
15  Caffe / Whatever / Re: GCA For Sale on: July 10, 2018, 10:59:59 AM
How about PM SirEmi and explaining the situation in GCA.. I'm sure he will make Odlid leader of GCA..  12

Good thought  15

Let's give it a few days..
(then will do - Thanks!)
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