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Author Topic: Criminal Records  (Read 1648 times)
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« on: October 08, 2012, 06:54:49 AM »

Currently earth orbit would appear to be the biggest Pirate haven in the known universe.

SOL Corp tells us that they take piracy seriously yet their security forces that stop us from being able to attack each other in earth orbit sit around twiddling their thumbs while two of the most notoriuos pirates (ByRad & Scion) regularly enter earth orbit, and or have a ship permanently in orbit. Seems a little strange to me... what gives, are they getting a bride under the table or what?

Perhapes a legal system could be introduced. If you attack, destroy, or loot another player, your given a criminal record (a simple points system would do). Once your number of points goes over a certain level your either denied access to eath orbit and to dock at the SOL stations there. Or even better your also actively attacked by SOL corp security forces once you do arrive in orbit. This would make earth and any other highly developed SOL planets a no go zone for pirates, However there could still be some lower security areas where they can still go to buy/sell stuff and do ship upgrades or whatever, but in those places they would also run the risk of being attacked.

We could then pay a fine bassed on the number of points to clear our criminal record. So that players can still engage in some PvP activities, It could even be that attacking a player with a criminal record doesnt give you any criminal points, and perhapes even earns you a small bounty, as long as your clean yourself.

Tracking the point system, or bounty earned would also give two more aspects that could be included in a Top Players ranking system. Allowing different players to focus on being top in a certain rankings.

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