Astro Galaxy - a realistic space exploration game
  October 18, 2021, 04:15:12 PM *
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Author Topic: Welcome to Astro Galaxy!  (Read 5278 times)
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« on: September 02, 2011, 11:39:40 AM »

Welcome to Astro Galaxy!

I am SirEmi, the main developer for the Astro Galaxy realistic space exploration game.

Game concept:

Astro Galaxy: A realistic space exploration game, in the near future humanity discovers a new means to travel, called the Wormhole Engine (WH). The new technology is vastly superior but required a tremendous amount of resources to develop. Thus, Earth is facing a shortage of resources. SOL Corporation is created, a coalition of all major powers dedicated to the exploration of space. The SOL Corporation manages the new technology and issues licenses for new space ships and space stations. Volunteer captains are recruited from the best and each captain is given a ship to start exploring / colonizing space. Vast opportunities arise for the new captains, as they expand and develop their fleets and colonies. In the deep of space, law is non-existent, conflicts for expensive resources are inevitable...

This is where your role begins, as a new volunteer captain, you are given a small ship and command of a handful of personnel. Your first task will be to carry a few settlers back in forth from Earth to the nearby planets in the Solar system. You are issued a small FTL engine, a smaller version of the WH (Wormhole Engine). The FTL engine is useful for interplanetary travel, but doesn't have the power to jump to the nearby starts.  "Solars" is the currency issued by the SOL Corporation with the beginning of the Space Revolution. Your first objective will be to acquire enough solars to purchase your first Wormhole engine. This will enable you to transport passengers / settlers from Earth to the nearby stars. From then on, all possibilities are open as you colonize moons and planets and establish mining and harvesting posts to acquire the needed resources that you can bring to Earth and make solars in order to acquire new ships, stations and expand your empire.

Science is a very important part, as you hire scientists and setup science labs to develop new technology.

Ships specification: Ships use an innovative modular design, every ship is unique in the fact that each ship class has a specified number of module slots. In those slots, you choose what modules to install, making the ship as you want it to be, cargo transport, battleship, science vessel, etc. Ship class can up upgraded / downgraded at the Earth orbit Ship Maintenance Facility.

While each ship class has a specified modules number, modules Mark (MK) can be upgraded. As you purchase your first "Wormhole Engine MK I" from the Earth orbital Ship Maintenance Facility, you are free to research and develop a wide array of new technology, enabling the upgrading of the modules to Mk II, III, etc. each mark giving the module a boost in efficiency. Thus, a ship can be upgraded indefinitely just by upgrading the modules installed on it.

And so the story begins...

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