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Author Topic: [NHC] is hating me so much :D  (Read 1436 times)
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« on: November 11, 2012, 04:06:43 PM »

[NHC] Teteeeeu(#276) Attacking [PRKL] Tumppi
ODDS 18-5

[NHC] Teteeeeu(#276)
   Your ship is being hailed!
   Captain Teteeeeu from the ship Sammael I is hailing you.

[PRKL] Tumppi
   its pretty strange that i can see all you modules when you hail me...

[NHC] Teteeeeu(#276)
   You're seeing them now, in a few seconds you will taste them.

[PRKL] Tumppi
   i have over 5k gargo on board... sould i wait to fight you?

[NHC] Teteeeeu(#276)
   It's your choice to man up and stand against me or to flew away like a little *****.
   Anyways you're on our kill-on-sight list, so we'll be meeting each other pretty soon (;

[PRKL] Tumppi
   well i could fly away any moment... but i think i will se how our fight goes ... this game       is so booring anyway 1 and i dont realy fear loosing...

[NHC] Teteeeeu(#276)
   Let's give it a shoot thought (;

Defender opened fire!

Sammael I Vs. Tumppi's Legacy
Weapons assault
Tumppi's Legacy maneuvers into fire range and attacks first.
Tumppi's Legacy attacks with Laser Cannon MK I using standard mode.
Direct hit on target, doing 7239 damage!
Target shield is down!
Sammael I has retreated from the battlefield due to heavy damage!

Attacker defeated!

[PRKL] Tumppi
   hahahah you guys suck

[NHC] Teteeeeu(#276)
   Sucker flew away like a little girl !

[PRKL] Tumppi
   yes i flew away to capture some mining equiptment for my base 1... which you guys will not    fiiind

[NHC] Teteeeeu(#276)
   Yes, let's hope so. You're just lucky this time that all our ships where away and I'm    upgrading 6 of my attacking modules, but we'll meet again.

[PRKL] Tumppi
   tip 1# repair your armor.
   tip 2# make more shields.
   tip 3# dont try to scare me 1

[NHC] Teteeeeu(#276)
   HA H AHA HA thanks for the tips loser (;
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