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Author Topic: Additional Missions  (Read 1640 times)
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« on: November 15, 2012, 06:26:19 AM »

It would be nice if you could introduce a few more misisons types into the game.

Currently we have the Passenger transport missions

Interplanetary SOL missions (particularly good for newbie's)
Interstellar SOL missions, the next step up, (although it would be nice to see a few longer distance targets included now)

Then there are the open space SOS signals, for large transporters with either free cargo space or carrying specific supplies.

We have the open space COM signal missions ... which IMHO are really problematic for game balance atm.

It would be nice to have a few more types.

How about a 'Search and Destroy' mission Type. I envision this as a mission you pickup at SOL, with a destination System defined in the mission, and your job is to jump into the system and destroy 1 or more pirate ships located in the system. I think these missions should be similar to the passenger missions in that each player has their own seperate set ie player specific. (SOL Corp could have recieved notice that pirates are opperating in that system, but for whatever reason the SOL navy is unable to respond immediately and they are looking for your help in eliminating the pirates) exactly where the pirates are in system could be random and require the player to jump around looking for them, it could occasionally be nasty in that sometimes you dont get them all, so on returning to sol, your told that there are still some pirates opperating there. (or given the choice to take half pay) .... The mission spawn rate could be reduced so that a new one isnt there immediately after completing one (this would also eliminate the possibility of rejecting a mission and retrying until you get one going the way you want to go.)

Another mission Type could be 'Bounty Hunting'. I envision this along similar lines as the COM/SOS missions in that the missions are shared amoungst all players. SOL Corp has a bounty board that you can access from anywhere, It lists a number of wanted persons. perhapes some wanted dead or alive, others just their current location. (some may be criminals, others may be missing persons/ships) The player needs to keep their eyes open as they roam through known space. The targets on the bounty board have locations assigned in known space that the players cannot see. If a player jumps into the orbit where the target is then they see the targets ship. if the player then opens the ship scan screen they can 'report' the ship to SOL Corp for the location only bounties, or try and attack it for the 'kill' bounties. (here i would suggest ship power be fixed but hidden at time of generation, this would encourage players to occasionally co-opperate as they find a ship that they cannot beat, but perhapes a corp member can, alternative is to simply report the location to SOL Corp for a reduced fee)

---dont stop me im on a roll---

Next potential mission type, Purchase orders. SOL Corp could run into supply and demand issues with a certain resource type. Id like to see two variations, small and large. the small versions should be player specific, They could offer an above average pay rate for certain resources, perhapes the mid valued resources. The mission could read something like. We have a rush order for 750m of Selenium, (dandruff outbreak in SOL headquarters ;) ) our client is willing to pay $100 per m above the usual rate. It would be nice if these missions could be run from all SOL trading stations so that players dont simply set up a warehouse in SOL. That way even if they did store resources (at risk of piracy) then they would still have to transport it to the requesting location. Some players may choose to buy the resource at sol and transport it to the requesting location, others may mine it. players choice.

The large version could be shared by all players. SOL Corp may simply run out of a specific resource. They would then offer an improved price on purchasing that resource for a given time period, potentially turning low valued resources like iron, nickel, helium etc into something that is actually worth mining. Initially i though of blocking purchases of said resource during the shortfall, but that might unfairly affect new players.
The profit margin on the low valued resource during a period of demand could be significantly higher. (10 x the price?) Players would then scramble to clear their MIF's of that resource, others might turn to looting to make a quick buck... some may have some stockpiled. it brings a bit of variety into the game.
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