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Author Topic: Help me make a mammoth suggestion list  (Read 506 times)

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« on: June 10, 2017, 11:04:12 PM »

I don't want to post this in suggestion yet. Didn't feel right. This forum allows us to modify old posts so I'll just keep it here and evolve it over the months and/or years I'm here. If a mod believes it belongs in suggestions, go ahead and put it there.

I will read any replies and add or change here if I agree.

In -Ships-, add these saved check boxes to the top-: [ x ] Licensing date, [  ] Name, [  ] Hull Size, [  ] Power
These will order the list shown so it's ordered by that category.

Increase the size of ship names from 15 characters to 20 or 25
Consider adding a hidden name shown only to the owner of the ship or the corporation members?

For special cases when player is desiring to better organize their ships.
Several times I've found myself wishing ship names were longer.

When transferring personnel, it shows the amount/maximum on each ship, not just number of modules
(It shows the amount/maximum for marines, I think)

Add "[ 0 ] [ Set % ]" to [ 0% ][ 50% ][ 100% ] when managing personnel or marines
Change "With selected: SET [ 0% ] [ 50% ] [ 100% ] [ Move to cargo boy ]"
"With selected: SET [ 0% ] [ 50% ] [ 100% ] [ 0 ] [ Set % ] [ Move to cargo boy ]"

Instead of W|S|A|M color bars with percentage active for each ship in "View Battlefield", show the actual ratings. If the ship hasn't been scanned yet, just show a (?), otherwise show what's below:
(image) (mouseover gives the ship name)
W 327k (power of combined weapons (or combined MK?); doesn't include marines)
S 60k (actual shield protection w/ optimization)
A 15k (actual armour protection w/ optimization)
M 1.2k (marines in marine modules)
P 5k (personnel in quarters)

Also add the optimization of the ship to the list regardless of scan status.

Why? Because I never look at the color bars. Mucho useless clutter as-is.

Previously scanning NPC ships (in combat mission) permanently shows their weapons/shields/armor/manpower ratings in "View Battlefield", regardless of login status, unless hte mission is cancelled

Alternatively, show the last scan results indefinitely--as well in "View Battlefield". Perhaps keep a maximum of 25 scan results per player.

-Planets- can be ordered by category and shows modules by type (S=science, M=marines, M=miner, H=harvester,etc)

Completing SoS mission reloads the cargo page automatically.
(Currently, completing prospector missions will reload the cargo page automatically.)
(Currently, completing SoS missions loads the System view.)

In -Cargo-, ability to filter cargo by a search term, by adding "[Filter by...] [ search term ]" below "Ship manifest:"
So I might type "Laser" into the search term and click [Filter by...} to filter the cargo.

In -Cargo-, convert the "Ship manifest:" categories (shown below) from buttons to saved check boxes:
[ x ] All cargo [  ] Products [  ] Minerals [  ] Gases [  ] Passengers [  ] Station [  ] Modules
("All cargo" will override all other check boxes)

In -Cargo-, add "(Mark Upgrade)" to cargo items upgradeable by the player, like so:
"[ ] 100 m3 | Electromagnetic shield, Mk CLXXX (Install) (Mark Upgrade)"

Add this...
"With selected: [ Mark Upgrade ]"

"With selected, amount: [    ]m3 [ Convert to fuel ] [ Transfer to another owned ship ] [ Eject ]

In Manufacture->Mark Upgrade, change what's below teh buttons, like so:
"Select module to upgrade from ship cargo bay: |Electromagnetic shield CLXXX [ v ]|"
Select module(s) to upgrade from [ Cargo ]

Below that, change what's shown to this, if the player clicks on "[ Mark Upgrade ]" in the cargo bay, after selecting items for mark upgrade:
(if one items is selected, don't change anything)
(if multiple items are selected, change it to the following...)
"Input modules / techs:
Electromagnetic shield Mk CLXXX
Electromagnetic shield Mk CLXXX
Electromagnetic shield Mk CLXXV
Electromagnetic shield Mk CLX
Electromagnetic shield Mk CLXXX"

"Reverse Engineering tech level 200
|  Action  |       Output Module        | Max pers | Utility | Time | Resources needed |"

Handle processing the same, except account for multiple selections. So if any item in the selection list has a higher mark than the output module entered by teh player, give the same cancel notification, below:
"This module already achieved t hat mark level!"

Otherwise, upgrade all the items at once, ensuring there're enough materials in the cargo bay.
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"Lots of things happen after you die - they just don't involve you." - Louis C.K.

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« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2017, 04:35:24 PM »

Just going to rant a bit about armor. I don't have any formulaic answers to armor yet, but it's not working for me. I hate how what you see in the combat report doesn't necessarily reflect the results. I hate how 1/3 damage to my armor means it's 100% damaged. I hate how if it's damaged it can't be removed from the module unless you repair it first. I hate how you have to haul the repair minerals along with you and put them on a separate ship because otherwise a loss in combat might cause them to be lost.

And there're other things I'm hating too. Like not being able to determine when my weapons will fire during combat. Why don't we have more control over combat order? Overall my impression of the combat system is not good.

I'm not just another person wanting the game to be "easy". I never like games to be easy. Cheating and hand holding and always winning are boring. What I'm complaining about is how empty the combat is. To elaborate, this is what I do mostly:
1) Scan all the ships using AP
2) Calculate their shield/armor total
3) Calculate their offensive damage total
4) Look at the first order ship to see if maybe I should use a couple lasers or railguns (does it have dodge optimization?)
5) From that, set my shields and marine modules and weapons and look at the timer

I usually do it regardless of saved time because sometimes a mission is hard for my ship.

The issue is it's too simplistic, too mundane, too repetitive, too bleh. Is that the best Sir Emi can do?

Honestly my feeling is the total shield/armor should be automaticly shown at the bottom in the Battlefield view--after the ships are scanned. The total MK of all weapons and marine modules could also be shown at the bottom. The bottom line is, these calculation shouldn't be considered gameplay, so it should be less cumbersome? Gameplay should be tactical, not technical. For example, during a game of Jagged Alliance 2, I'm not calculating the armor/hp/damage of each enemy I encounter. I'm setting up my squad to have cover and be within range and not be vulnerable to flanking or being overrun. I'm making sure they all have first aid and a doctor nearby. I'm going after the nearest or most vulnerable enemy that doesn't expose my squad. I'm dividing and conquering if possible. I'm looking ahead to see how I should advance forward so that all of these condtions I listed above are met. Nowhere am I using a calculator, or feel I met benefit from it.
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"Lots of things happen after you die - they just don't involve you." - Louis C.K.

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« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2017, 05:26:34 PM »

Added (11) and (12) for multiple-selection upgrading.
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"Lots of things happen after you die - they just don't involve you." - Louis C.K.
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