Astro Galaxy - a realistic space exploration game
  August 16, 2018, 02:47:13 AM *
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 on: August 15, 2018, 03:33:16 PM 
Started by ESC01 - Last post by ESC01
Well I know there will be more,and more of us dropping out/leaving due to App games it's the new thing now??!! Now I have found a cool space app game but its a war space app game which everytime you build up someone attacks you but its a war game !! I did get on my cell ph and Google Astro galaxy app game .and i see there is 1 but its very hard to try and play you more / less run & jump around planets In 3D??
Maybe SirEmi any thoughts about a space exploration App game on down the road something like this game?/ You know you already have a crew waiting to jump on wagon !!
Any way I wanted to post something about this maybe you have and ideal you maybe like to share ?? anyone else?/
Because I already see myself leaving about 3 months from now!!  yawn

 on: August 10, 2018, 04:27:24 PM 
Started by Pokeboy - Last post by sargas
It's good to know that the GCA isn't dead yet...

edit for the following announcement:

10.   A Travelers Aid Society warning remains in effect in the Feenamint Cluster.   Andi Sergiletti has been declared an ‘Enemy of the Empire’ and a reward of 500,000 Imperial Credits has been issued for her arrest. The riots in Grolff following the assassination of Reverend St. Jinnistract has resulted in a heavy Imperial presence in the Grolff system neighboring the heavily guarded shipyards at both Bweetwe and Santree.  TAS representatives have been arrested and executed in the Grolff system.

 on: August 06, 2018, 09:35:37 PM 
Started by Pokeboy - Last post by Publius
Is [GCA] Capt. Clavin (who has been inactive for 644h 19m 1s) still the one in charge of GCA?

Odlid's Leader right now.  307h 56m 6s  21

I can boot Odlid (and re-admit him when he returns) if there's a Trade to do..

 on: August 06, 2018, 12:14:23 PM 
Started by Pokeboy - Last post by sargas
Is [GCA] Capt. Clavin (who has been inactive for 644h 19m 1s) still the one in charge of GCA?

 on: August 06, 2018, 10:38:02 AM 
Started by Pokeboy - Last post by Publius
Free, but short-term only (time it takes to complete the exchange) - you rejoin your Corp by re-Applying afterward (PM your corp Leader first so this goes quickly).  Sol Corp rejoins Sol using widget at the top of the Corp > Top Corps tab after leaving GCA.

(ed) Exchanges must have a minimum value of $1m since they're subsidized by Raphael at 1-QP/exchange (paid to the GCA Leader).

There's also some limitations on the purchase of military equipment (max value scales with your Pow)

 on: August 06, 2018, 06:06:19 AM 
Started by Pokeboy - Last post by millermatthew
Process of Sales: 1) Trade is publicly agreed to in Forum by both parties.  They request a Trade Manager and agree to pay the fee (something small, to
                          avoid nuisance trades)
                          2) If not currently Trade Corp members, parties apply for membership.
                          3) Manager posts in Forum a restatement of the trade to be conducted (to prevent editing after the fact), if necessary Accepts
                          members, checks Counter is empty, and Assigns to Buyer.
                          4) Buyer places payment or trade goods on Counter, along with any fees
                          5) Manager PMs what's on Counter to Buyer along with any corrections needed.  When all's good, Manager transfers Counter's contents
                          to Shelf, leaving Counter empty, and transfers Counter to Seller.
                          6) Seller places trade goods on Counter along with any fees
                          7) Manager PMs what's on Counter to Seller along with any corrections needed.  When all's good, Manager transfers Counter to Buyer.
                          8) Buyer empties Counter.
                          9) Manager retrieves Counter, verifies it's empty, places Buyer's materials from Shelf onto Counter, and passes to Seller.
                          10) Seller empties Counter.
                          11) If Buyer and/or Seller have no further Trades, they quit Trade Corp (freeing Member Licenses), and Apply to their old Corps or
                           rejoin Sol (auto Accept on Apply)
                          12) Any Trader who isn't a {Merchant in good standing, a Sponsor, or a Founder} who sticks around too long is kicked by a Sponsor.  
                          Anyone who's kicked can't trade until they pay a small fee for the nuisance.

Ranks: 1. Customers can only interact with cargo on their assigned ship (will always be Counter). Do not have to be GCA members.
           2. Merchants are longtime Customers who pay for their own Member license and are never kicked  
               (except for months inactive, or dishonest or illegal dealings).  Merchants can "rent" a corp ship for  
               Storage if they pay for the Ship license and the ship.
           3. Managers can assign ships and accept members, but can't change mods or kick members.  (keeps  
               the ships Earth Bound, and prevents a rogue Manager from kicking everyone until becoming Leader
           4. Sponsors can change mods and kick members.  Customers should voluntarily leave Trade Corp after
               their transaction is done, so Trade Corp doesn't have to buy lots of member licenses.  So getting
               kicked by a Sponsor should have a small penalty next time the kickee wants to join.
           5. Leader (AG designation) should be the alt of a Sponsor with very long and respected AG credentials,    
               including top 20 (preferably top 10) pow Rank.  So has better things to do than cash out this  
               convenient little public utility, and brings the heft of their reputation and corp to promote "good

Members can vote. Founders can veto, if they have a reason (Can't just veto willy-nilly just because they feel like it).

Credit to Publius of SPQNR.

GCA Member Corps.: A GCA member corp. must be peaceful. Acceptions can be made.
                               A GCA member corp. must be on the first page (in the top 20).
                               A GCA member corp. must send a copy of the current KoS list to GCA to update every
                               time there is a new edition.
                               Membership requirements are that you ask and be approved. All being a member does is        
                               allow you to vote on matters. Applications will be posted and voted on by members.
                               All GCA member corps. must help enforce GCA law and defend GCA.
                               Current GCA member corps. include: PT, CAP.

GCA Arbitration: GCA will offer arbitrate conflicts with neutrality between GCA members.

GCA Bank and Loans: GCA will grant loans in diamonds at an interest rate of 5% per month. Is this better???
                                If GCA is not paid back within 6 months, you will be placed on list and not allowed to trade until repaid.
                                GCA bank can also store other things of value for a fee.

GCA War and KoS Policy: 1. GCA KoS list is enforced by member corps., not by GCA. GCA will stay out of all                                      
                                     wars except for arbitration.

GCA Rights and Claim: Rights to the GCA idea, along with a veto are given to the original members, being  
                                  Publius, CliffClavin, and Pokéboy. If someone else wants to claim that they are      
                                  a founder or wants to not be a founder, then they may present their case and we will
                                  change the bylaws as such.
                                  If these rights are violated or the corp. is copied, the criminal will be put on the KoS list
                                  and any claims by them will be treated as invalid.

Trade Restrictions: No weapons or shields should be traded of a power level higher than 5% of customer's power. No deathrays.
                            All trades should be publicly agreed on in the forums.
                            No modules should be given to a member of the trade ban list or the KoS list.

Crime Penalties: Trade with known pirates and KoS members will put you on the trade ban list until designated   
                        amount of time is done.
                        If a module is stolen, you will be put on the KoS list.
                        Sale of illegal modules will be punished with a warning unless it is a second offense. If this is a      
                        second offense, you will be placed on the Trade Ban list or the KoS list.

A public hearing in the forum with a Jury of Trusted Sponsors with no bias in the case will be provided if requested.

Can you tell me the membership price of GCA?

 on: August 04, 2018, 06:45:20 AM 
Started by Gildavinor - Last post by Gildavinor
Just a few suggestions to spruce up the game.
1. Re-code the click-fest that is the science tab ... use the manufacturing tab as a template?
2. Sorting modules on the ships and stations should be drag-and-drop from the graphic ... not uninstall, re-install in the right order from the cargo bay.
3. Ditto mining modules on the planet surface ... at least let you highlight the one you want to scoop.

 on: August 03, 2018, 08:30:35 PM 
Started by SirEmi - Last post by ESC01
AG is like an old,old car of his... it runs good,sounds good,and even may look good but there can always be improvement done to make others to look twice at it!!!
SirEmi ur baby need a spit shining !!! pokey

 on: August 03, 2018, 08:57:26 AM 
Started by SirEmi - Last post by Gildavinor
I question the need for mentors on a game-wide basis. As a noob, (just over a month in), I find that being in a good corporation I receive all the mentoring I need. I recently invited my son into the game, and into the Corp.
Any player worth his salt will check the forums, so if the major Corps renew their recruitment posts there should be no problem retaining serious new players. Those players should receive their mentoring from within the Corps.

 on: August 01, 2018, 09:44:16 PM 
Started by caker18 - Last post by ESC01
I would but we have com ships that Barh,and I have built for the smaller members and they seem to be enjoying the $$$ part flowing in,plus I have the ss (supplyship) that has science modules and Im upgrading that on a every other week or when its done??
It was on MKD , and now Im working on MK M plus upgrading  Comship 3 for Lovasz its getting bigger  every 6 months or so??,and Bahr its indeed a great help building other ships to keep us safe !!Or keeping our stations safe!! but over all I have over 16 sciences modules MKM now...thats on SS  thats helping my Halo members  for 1 week they have the SS than its moved to the next member(active member)...
What I learn is from SPQNR,and EOS
thank you guys...

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